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Am I getting too high? ***UPDATE***

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dendanskesimon, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. #1 dendanskesimon, Dec 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2009
    I've only been smoking for a few weeks now 2 times a week and I don't feel like I get the effects I see most people have. Instead of getting chilled out I get really odd. I flow in and out of feelings of consciousness where I know I'm doing stuff but I can't even tell what doing or saying and I feel like people are watching me and start hearing things and hallucinating.

    It's real weird and yesterday I took a 2 hour walk after smoking to not go home real high. When I was walking I kept playing with the menus on my phone to make it look like I was doing something but I could t see the screen; only the light from it was visible. I also realized I wasn't walking straight because my knee started hurting and was sore for hours.

    I smoked a 1 gram blunt with a friend but I got more of it than he did and I k ow it's pretty good weed. I'm thinking I just need to stop smoking as soon as I start feeling it next timebecause I just keep hittin it and maybe that's why I'm feeling so messed up. I don't know really, but any insight would be appreciated for sure.
  2. That's quite a bit of herb to smoke if you're relatively new to marijuana.

    I'd definitely recommend taking it slower. Don't smoke so much in one sitting, try to stretch it out over the course of the evening.
  3. Yeah, probably smoke until you have a buzz and see how that feels, then next time smoke a little more, etc. and see what gets you the most enjoyable effects.
  4. weed makes you chill and relax..
    if it makes you uncomfortable then there is something wrong..
    either weed is not for you or you are smoking too much..
    you don't need to keep smoking as much as your friends if you just started out..
  5. Or you could be extremely paranoid...
  6. If it's good marijuana, and you just started smoking, you should only need like, 2 puffs. See how that makes you feel.
  7. Drugs affect everybody differently.
  8. I felt the exact same way when I first started. But I was lucky enough to be across the country from my parents, so I didn't feel paranoid. I ended up being drunk for the first time (crunk) during the trip also. When I got to my friends house I bet 30 bucks i could do 50 push ups. Around the 30th everything started to swirl but i was so fucused on the swirly stuff i forgot i was doing push ups. In the end i did 100 something push ups. then went and caught a geko :)
  9. So many people post asking if their getting to high but i just get as high as i can go [​IMG]

    About your situation though i would suggest next time you get high dont try to smoke more than 7 joint hits or 4 bong hits and just dont do much just close your eyes and see how you feel. Your tolerance should increase as you smoke more then you wont get that domed.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I guess my conclusion is pretty right then. Next time I'll try to smoke less, I just wanna get my moneys worth when I'm paying for my half haha.

    The friend I was smoking with has only been smoking for a couple months but I guess that's enough time for him to buid up some degree of tolerance
  11. A word of advice too, it seems to me like a lot of discomfort during ur high can come if you get paranoid when u first start smoking...when that happens you just have to relax, tell urself ur high and no one cares and just go with the flow..usually makes a high a lot more enjoyable than ifu r freakiing out.
  12. yeah i get that feeling a lot only cause i constantly have to be paranoid about smell and my eyes around my parents. It depends on your environment too, i like being comfortable(listening to music, warm, with friends...) So maybe you should find a chill spot and enjoy your high
  13. From the way you describe it seems that YES, you are smoking TOO MUCH and get too high for your comfort level. One of the most experienced things one can do, is to know just when to stow. Take it slow and remember that you can always smoke more, but you cant smoke less. Try a few hits, wait 20 minutes, see how your feeling at that point, and continue at that pace if you are not high enough yet.
  14. People may call you a pussy, but i always say whatever. Don't feel like you have to smoke a full blunt...Like for me, i get like a "Ok, im good" in my head and i usually choose to keep toking if it's a blunt, and then i get a "Ok, Dude...Like your good!" And then my friends will be like "Dude, come on, like 2 more tokes!" and then im just like "BAM!, Too much" and i have a drink and im good.
  15. your smoking too much then i do the same if i smoke too much

  16. You can't just accidentally do 100 push ups...
  17. Haha, wow you got ripped! I'm jealous.
  18. ur just trippin dude u will eventually get used to it when u start smoking more my freinds used to call the noobs that we smoked with goobers cuz they acted really funny and they would constantly trip.
  19. nah dude honestly thats not even that much bud
  20. You're not greening out, so you're not getting too high :p maybe try smoking indica strains because sativa would do what you describe if you havnt been toking for very long, although you can't always just magically get indica weed. I'd say smoke a bit less at a time and don't let the psychedelic effects of the weed freak you out. Just observe and enjoy the ride :)

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