Am I getting sick?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nathan, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Today when I woke up my throat felt a little weird. By like 12:00 it got worse. I smoked at 12:10 (central) and now my throat hurts and I feel a little dizzy. I'm think either the smoke made it worse and I'm still high (which I doubt because I took like 5 hits), or I'm getting the flu but I just didn't notice it getting stronger untill I was sober.
  2. sounds like you have herpes

  3. I'm just getting over the flu. Now, i had a really bad case of it,
    but the first day i got it, i woke up feeling annihilated. muscle pain everywhere, throat pain, sweats, fever, etc.
    By the end of the night it had gotten much worse, all of the symptoms worsened.
    I don't know if this is exactly what you have, but if it keeps getting worse by the end of the night i'd see a doctor to be safe.

  4. sadly...i think hes got a case of super herpes :poke:
  5. should have gotten an airborne not a blunt then after a few mins spark that fatty :smoking:

  6. Some of you guys on GC really need too grow up. Super Herpes? Seriously?

    Thanks for the answer Insane.
  7. How could anyone but you or a doctor you physically visited know the answer to a question like that?

    It sounds like you feel sick. But is that because you're sick or because of an allergy or just something bad that you ate... that's hard to say without some medical stuff to back it up.

    Listen to your body and you'll get better answers than anyone without a medical degree.
  8. sounds liek you have swine flu

  9. Swine flu oink oink. OINK !
  10. Ohh I get it now haha. I was wondering why everyone was saying oink. And I don't have Swine just a sore throat.
  11. Yeah your getting a cold.. I am too.. I feel exactly the same.
  12. Acute Super Herpes im sorry to say...
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Cough as hard as you can until you hork out something. If it's yellow you probably have bronchitis.

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