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Am I getting screwed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HippieTrippyBudGirl, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I'm being told by several people that "good weed" in louisiana is not cheap. It's running around $300-$400 per ounce. I bought some $80 shit and that's exactly what it was horrible...almost unsmokable. Does this sound about right? I feel like I'm getting ripped!
  2. $80 for an eighth is a stupid price regardless of quality.
  3. No, the $80 I paid was for an ounce of shit weed. I'm new to smoking (after MANY years of stopping) so I'm new again to all of this!
  4. more brown schwag?
  5. you did get screwed...


    would love to see some pics tho.
  6. Hahahah1! It is schwag...and nasty schwag. No, I didn't buy any more of the same stuff. Waiting on the good stuff....I smoked some good weed with a friend last night and OMG, I was SOOOO high! But I put some keefs in it so that helped I'm sure! I hope I'm using that word right. Just found out what that was last night from my son! LOL!
  7. Oh, I know I got screwed on the $80 weed. Here's a pic of it. Nasty. BUT, my question is, do you think the $200-$400 an ounce is too much to pay? I can't find good weed any cheaper where I live, and I'm being told that I won't.

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  8. Quality > quantity. Trust me, it'll be much better in the long run.
  9. Nah, $2-400 per ounce isn't bad if we're talking dank. You said you got that weed for $80/ounce? Make edibles out of that, that's all it's good for. I promise you though, it'll be worth the investment. Shit, I'd take an $80 ounce of that over $400 an ounce for dank, that's a little pricey. I'd even almost take it over a $300 o of dank. Almost.
  10. HOLY FUCK lol, i bet that shit hurt going into your lungs and gave you the biggest headache huh? :p 400 is absolutely outrageous for a o of good dank. I get my o's here for 240 a o for some FIREEE. But maybe thats just where I live :

    Also for a ounce of that mega schwag, i wouldnt play more than 30
  11. 400 for an ounce is like the max you should ever pay, and thats for danky dank. That's $50 per eighth which isn't bad.
  12. i get an o of dank for about $200-$250. so $400 is definatly outragous. but prices vary from where you live...
  13. You paid 80 for an OZ, of course you got shitty almost unsmokable weed.

    OZ's here in new york ( long island) go anywhere between 280-380
  14. Prices in California are a little different than the rest of the country...:smoke:
  15. #16 bongtokes6200, Aug 4, 2011
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    lol thats why i added the prices vary part.
  16. I've seen worse bud than that .
  17. Cool to see a fellow La stoner =P, in br i pay 15-20$ a gram for good, usually 7 for $100 and what not but you can find good deals... i usually smoke reg's only and i pay 50-60 a oz for that.
  18. gotta love these.
  19. The couple of times I got it (the expensive stuff) I paid arouind $400 ounce for it. One batch was packed with crystals and the other ounce had lots of purple coloring to it. It was nice...I think I have some pics in old posts here I'm going to try to find.

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