Am I getting root bound ?

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    I have 4 plants , 3 in 5 gal pots and one in a big plastic tote, all seem fairly healthy, there getting huge tho, tallest one is 60 inches tall.. I’m starting to notice some leaves changing colour on the bottom of one.. can anyone give any suggestions ? There all in pro mix organic, planted April 22 so they’ve in veg for about 3 months


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  2. What are ya feeding them...and how often?
  3. Sorry , should have included that, pro mix premium multi purpose garden feed, 20-8-8 so I dumb it down a bit , usually once a week. But the plants as of now are taking a gallon of water a day, easy. Most days I’ll come home from work around 5 and there starting to droop already. Now that I’ve looked closer , a couple of the other plants are having the same issue, some of the bottom leaves are yellowing. Could this just be the plant using the nutrients up in the leaves? Or does this seem more like the early stages of root bound

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  4. [​IMG][​IMG]
    These didn’t attach with the original post for some reason

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  5. Yes likely root bound so you can either transplant or expect to feed more often and water twice a day maybe 3 times by the time shes late in flowering.
    P.S nice plant
  6. Well I personally dont grow I never have to care for plants as big as you have there....I grow autoflowers indoors...and I also use 5 gallon pots...and I can tell you from MY experience that by the time I harvest my plants...most, if not all, of that 5 gallon is taken up by with that being could very well BE rootbound, I dont know for sure.

    It could be that the plant is using up the nutrients in its leaves...but that usually seems to happen when they dont have any of that nutrient left in the grow medium to use....but with that being said...I'm not saying that yours are nutrient deficient.

    I'm just throwing what I know to he true from my experience out there to ya. I'm sure others will be by with more helpful input
  7. Thank you sir! And okay so if I don’t transplant, as long as I water and feed more It will still be ok as is? I don’t want to have to transplant again, I hadn’t anticipated them getting this big but I’d rather do that than lose them. I appreciate the reply!

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  8. I appreciate your help! Just starting to worry haha everything was going mint and now I’m starting to see some changes. I might transplant one, and then I can have a look at the rootball and see how bound it is

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  9. Yes they should be fine but will just need more attention. Maybe try putting them in another larger container and water with 1 gallon on the soil and put 1 gallon in the larger container so it can pull that up from the bottom essentially double the available water
  10. Where are you located? They are likely in stretch mode as well and may require some extra food
  11. My girls are drinking 4 gallons of water a day (3 in the morning and 1 at night) and they are in 15 gallon pots

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  12. awesome. Now would it be a terrible idea to put it in the ground? From potting soil to just dirt ? The ground where I live is fairly decent for growing, no sand or clay until deep down... I just don’t wanna have to go and drop an arm and a leg on big pots and filling them with soil.

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  13. Wow those are beauty

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  14. I'd say that would be better than leaving them in the pails
  15. Okay maybe I will transplant to the ground then.. I’ll have to cage them off I have a family of rabbits back there that already took a few sunflowers these are the rest of my girls [​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Haha yep have those fuckers here that took 2 of my sunflowers too, stripped em clean in a day.
    The girls look good and healthy thumbs up
  17. no problem....glad you got some feedback

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