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Am I getting ripped?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SweetDeaddy, Oct 30, 2014.

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    I'm new to weed but I have smoked it. anyway my friend hooked me up with a gram and he said that I could pay him $15 tomorrow, But I checked the bag and it didn't really look like a gram to me. even my other friends said it looks like .5 to them and they said I should only pay him $10.
    I get people raise the price of weed for profit but idk if i'm getting ripped. I'm new to this.
    The weed that everyone near me gets is a lot smaller than what you usually think.
    I need to know am I getting ripped?  :confused_2:
    (the weed is kinda smaller, and was kinda soft, but it sure as hell smelt! tool like 3 plastic bags to mask it.)
    I live in NC btw


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  2. It doesn't look a gram or it's not properly dried and cured yet and most the weight is water. Not a gram
  3. It's up to you to decide if you're getting ripped off. Some things are priceless to people, and somethings that are priceless to people are trash to others.
    I wouldn't pay $10 for that though, at least not in my area
  4. To me that seems like less than .5
    I wouldn't buy that in general. Never buy less than 2gs, that's how I roll.
    That being said, if a friend asked for that much, I wouldn't charge more than 5$. I probably wouldn't charge at all actually
  5. That's like .2 lol I would give someone like 3 bucks for that
  6. As an NC blade as well, I am sorry for your loss. There are some assholes selling in this state. Don't pay him tomorrow. Just take the buds back and say you're not paying fifteen dollars for that. I guarantee you that's not even a dime bag worth. You've got about 0.3 grams, there, unfortunately. It's good quality, but it's not worth the price. Just give him his bud back. I'd take the fifteen dollars and instead invest a bit of it into a scale so you can be sure what you're getting.
  7. I'm gonna try to give it back but he'll probably think I stole some of it.
  8. If he's that sort of person then you don't want to be friends with him, if you genuinely did not take any of it.
  9. What if it is loud?
  10. Loud, or high-grade as I call it, is not as common as it could be around here, but the highest value it is worth is $20 to the gram. If he's charging you 15 dollars for 0.3, he's charging you $45 a gram. If it's $15 for a 0.5 bag, it's still $30 a gram which is a major rip-off. I'll be honest with you, I'd rather smoke mids/schwag than pay that price. 
  11. LOL that's a 3 to 4 dollar bag!!!! I wouldn't even pay 5 for that and I have shitty connects myself !!! Lose the friend and don't pay his ass back
  12. Yes your friends are right. About half G $10. Not 15.
  13. and just in case you're still uncertain... That might be middle range high quality, the same shit most people get on here for 10 a gram. That looks like a .2 to me, so with that said. You'd be paying 50 a gram for what I(we) get for 10-15... not to mention, I'd need to smoke that entire little pile to get high and i'd be feelin down after i ran outta weed so wouldnt be worth the tease to smoke those crumbles
  14. You paid 15 for not even a half g of regs lol
  15. Did you smoke it?
    I'd return it and say "fuck you," but then again, I can be an asshole.

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  16. lmao how much of it could you have taken?
    Pic looks like .2-.5 but I know for a fact it's not close to a gram
  17. Looks like a nickel or less .2 or .3
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    Take it back to him and politely say that it doesn't look like a gram and ask if you can get more since he wants you to pay $15, if he says no just find someone else.
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    I gave it back to my friend and I told him that it didnt look like a gram, He didn't get mad and he understood.
    (we've been friends since middle school) he even admitted, it didn't really look like a g after i gave it back and he lowered the price to around 8$ but I still said no, he wasnt really upset and were still chill.
    he said he doesnt have a scale, he just gets his plug to scale it for him, and he just sells it as it is. he's getting a scale this week since he's starting to deal more. thanks for the answers. but out of curiosity, how much is a g of mid?
  20. Wouldn't go more than 15 on a g of mid, depending on area

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