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Am I getting ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eike, May 6, 2011.

  1. I just talked to a guy I know about getting $100 worth of gear. In the past, I was getting half ounces of dank for $100, but this guy is telling me his math brings him to 8.7 but he'd give me 9.

    He's a cool guy and he even delivers it right to my door. Do you think his price is fair, all things considered?
  2. Well I don't know Oregon prices but I pay $100 for a quarter of dank so it seems pretty legit, I would jump on it wherever I was now that I think about it
  3. I'm not quite sure what you mean by the 8.7 and 9?

    A half Ounce is 14 grams or so.

    But hey can't argue with the delivery factor. That goes a long way.
  4. 9 grams for 100 bucks.... if its dank id say youre getting hooked up, at least where im from, stick with that guy
  5. Oh okay I understand now. Sorry I'm a dumbass.

    But yeah its a great hook up I'm sure. That's 10 a gram which is pretty killer.
  6. If you can get a half o for the same price as 9gs, I would go with the half o but it really depends on the how good the bud is.

    Crossfaded so if that made no sense sorry, I'm just focused on this food..:smoke:

  7. 11.11 if you wanna get technical. And seems like a pretty good price, id take that deal in a second, IF its good weed. If your talking mids, then its a pretty bad price...

    Delivery to the door, 100$ for 9 grams, IMO, not a rip off. enjoy :devious:
  8. 9 grams for 100. Seems good, I pay 75 for a quarter (7g) and 150 for a half, (14g). I'd stick with it
  9. IMO you are paying too much, you should be getting 10 grams AT THE VERY LEAST. Anything more and you are overpaying, hell you should be getting hooked up for buying in larger amounts.
  10. This. ^

    But not everyone has prices like us bro.:smoke:
  11. where im from, thats a steal.
    but your in oregon which if im not mistaken, has great prices. your original supplier sounded like more of what you should be paying. but its not a bad price since thats cheaper than what most on the east coast pay.
    i would say something along the lines of Oh wow im used to paying a lot less. and see how he responds. if he was jacking the price up im sure he'll lower it after you say somthing that shows you know your shit. but if he says sry man thats what my prices are then just go for it

    thats my highlogic at least
  12. I followed some of the advice here and it went great! I told him what I was used to paying and he threw in another 3 grams of shake. He said he would have given me nugs but he only brought the 9 grams.

    Rep added!

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