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Am i getting ripped off??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokeythedogg, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I gave my dealer $300 and hes gonna get me the pipe below and half an oz of og kush and maybe a little bit of white widow. am i getting ripped off?

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  2. This is the og kush

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  3. depends on how much widow

    that pipe is cheap, $10 at most

    half zip could range from 160-200 depending on your area

    he's gonna have to hit you up with a quarter or more of widow for it to be fair.
  4. ^ what he said pretty much summed it all up but it just depends on your area prices vary
  5. #5 Tincannabiscuit, Jul 31, 2012
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    For future reference, don't let your dealer hold your money before you get your product.

    It's really easy for them to just walk away and never see you again.

    If you actually get an ounce of dank ass weed, and a pipe for $300, you got hooked the fuck up.
  6. Yes, unless he gives you a lot of white widow instead of a little bit
  7. You poor people that pay too much for weed.......... I can get a ounce of the dankest dank you've seen for $200-$210 tops, usually $180 but weeds pricey right now... And some of you are payin that for a half?????!?!

  8. Location, location, location....
  9. I bet this kid doesn't get his product.
  10. yea you definitely got ripped off
  11. Never give the money first, fuck fronts.

    You can get (half oz)14 grams separately for 20$ a g and it will come out to 280$.
  12. Go rob that fools house.
  13. Say...

    Half a O of the OG
    AT LEAST 1/4 of the black widdow.
    And make sure it's like a decent pipe.

    Don't wipe someone else s ass, make them wipe yours.
  14. yah you got ripped. half o almost never goes for over 170, and I'm sure your dealers getting it at a much better price. Overall he's probably sitting back because he knows he just doubled his money if not just stole yours
  15. where i live u can get a half o for 75 bucks so in my opinion youre gettin ripped off. unless u get like another half o of white widow :p
  16. lol you just got robbed.

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