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Am i getting ripped off

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rg27golf, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Is this a gram of weed? (NOTE) Smoked 1 bowl out of it before picture.

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  2. Looks about right or if anything a little under. You're good my man.
  3. hard to say since we dont know how big this bowl is BUT im going to guess that it was before you smoked. possibly could have been sold .7 or maybe .8 but like i said hard to say without knowing how big the bowl was. you should just save your money up and invest in a scale. then you wont need to make posts like this and worry.
  4. Since you said you smoked a bowl before the pick.. I'd say its about right.
  5. ya that looks good
  6. Impossible to tell from looking lmao. But yeah it looks like a g...
    Ive had a super dense bud that was like an inch by a little less than an inch that was over a g.
  7. Looks about right considering you already smoked. Might be a bit more/less depending on how dense it is
  8. looks bout right if you smoked a bowl first
  9. Looks a bit under but how big was the bowl before?
  10. As long as you get 3 or 4 decent bowl packs I wouldn't complain. For just a g getting upset over being shorted a .1 or .2 just isn't worth the stress.
  11. This all the way. While it is hard earned money, just be happy your dealer was dealing only G out.

  12. First you say impossible, then you say yes
  13. A friend of mine said it looked ok.
  14. Id say you look just fine, given you smoke a bowlpack before the pic.

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