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Am i getting ripped off? gram question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bonk, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone Im new to this site, and weed in general, and I was just looking for a little help.

    Im about to go smoke with these 2 sketchy guys tomorrow, and the plan is that Im paying for a gram, while they are both putting up a nick bag, and we are gonna put it in one big blunt to smoke it. Its more than likely going to be even smokes, and they are both older and bigger than me so i can't really force them to let me get extra hits.

    Will i be getting ripped off if I mix my gram and their two nicks in one blunt and smoke it evenly? Sorry If I used bad grammar haha.

  2. uhhh yeah you're putting double the amount just bring half with you.
  3. ya just bring half
  4. Ok but for some reason they dont wanna fully match me, Ill see what i can get away with though. Thanks
  5. Why even smoke with people like that then? They're clearly shady as hell to you, why risk anything?
  6. then dont burn with them they are obviously not the nicest sort if they are trying to rip you off
  7. sounds like trouble.. stay away from people like that man!
  8. skrew that, they just wanna get blazed keep your stash bro and smoke it all up yourself :smoke:.
  9. matching means you all pitch the same amount. Bring a nick and save the other for another time
  10. yea dude why do you even wanna smoke with them?
  11. Honestly I wouldn't even smoke with them. Ive hung out with the type. They're going to try and smoke as much of you're weed as possible and rip you off.
  12. Sketchy guys suck dude, find a different guy. Here in Jersey we have a few sweet hidden corner type deals. Its like the fast food of weed dudes. $5 for like .7 of mids. Bring 30 bucks and you got enough to hold you over for cheap. :smoke:
  13. Honestly a gram of weed's like 10 bucks. No big deal. If there cool they will smoke u up next time your running low or ur out.
  14. Dank is a bit more expensive. It will be worth the coin if:
    It is true dank.:smoke:
  15. don't smoke with those tools man. if they aren't gonna fully match you, stay home and smoke the full gram to yourself

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