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Am I Getting High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fishyboy, May 28, 2013.

  1. I have smoked maybe 5-7 times in the last couple o months and am having trouble telling if I am getting'high or not. I have smoked only 2 different kinds of weed from bowls and vapes, and have smoked large quantities each time (.3-1.3 grams). When I smoked the first time, I didn't feel a thing. The second time I felt a bit light headed and focused, a little euphoric, but not a lot. The third time, with different weed, I smoked a TON and felt a lot different. I was tired, my eyes felt heavy and lazy, time passed slowly, my vision was almost Kathy, and I felt weird. Since then, I have used a vaporgenie with this same weed and haven't felt a thing. The vaporgenie is working, and I think I'm using it right. (I can feel the hot air, I'm doing like in the online tutorials, and it tastes like butane/weed, but I'm not getting vapor clouds). Am I getting high? Is this normal?
  2. *my vision wAs almost LAGGY
  3. if you're having trouble telling if your high then you're not high
  4. sounds to me like you were only high the 3rd time
  5. focusing to much on whether your high or not especially when your tokin is gunna warp your brain into thinking your not feeling anything -  just relax and enjoy the smoke - you'll know when your high or not. just dont put to much pressure on yourself otherwise your not gunna be floating anywhere!
  6. i remember back when i first wanted to smoke and tried it. i asked my friends what to expect/what it'd be like. they told me "when you're high as fuck, you'll know it" (sorry for the language just a direct quote) but wow were they right.  when you get blazed, you'll know it.  its an amazing feeling it can change your mood. for me, stresses that i have when sober completely go away when im high, pains i have are relieved and it just makes my day better. :smoking:
  7. When you're high, you'll know you're high.
  8. When ever I see threads like this I always say to myself "if they have to ask 'am I getting high' then they're probably not getting high" if I were you, I'd go back to smoking the second stuff, or maybe, try getting a new strain, and smoke that.
  9. you probably arent getting the smoke deep enough in your lungs or something, take another small breath of air right after you take your hit and try to hold it in for 3-5 seconds, at least....and i too have a vaporgenie,  it just takes a little bit of practice to hit it perfectly so you are blowing clouds, i can get as much vapor as i want from it, my friends cant blow clouds though, and neither could i at first.

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