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Am I Getting High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fishyboy, May 28, 2013.

  1. I have smoked maybe 5-7 times in the last couple o months and am having trouble telling if I am getting'high or not. I have smoked only 2 different kinds of weed from bowls and vapes, and have smoked large quantities each time (.3-1.3 grams). When I smoked the first time, I didn't feel a thing. The second time I felt a bit light headed and focused, a little euphoric, but not a lot. The third time, with different weed, I smoked a TON and felt a lot different. I was tired, my eyes felt heavy and lazy, time passed slowly, my vision was almost Kathy, and I felt weird. Since then, I have used a vaporgenie with this same weed and haven't felt a thing. The vaporgenie is working, and I think I'm using it right. (I can feel the hot air, I'm doing like in the online tutorials, and it tastes like butane/weed, but I'm not getting vapor clouds). Am I getting high? Is this normal?
  2. If your vaping at a low temprature there wont be any smoke. And if your smoking you should get high i have no idea why you wouldnt
  3. perhaps your not inhaling? or you are getting extremely low quality pot. Other then that i cant think of any reason why.
  4. Probs not inhaling correctly/not vaping properly. You'll know when you're high, trust me you won't be like "wooh I'm light headed" you'll be like "awe fuck dude this ganja is washing over me to the max, maxi pad thug life, yo"
  5. Could be indica/sativas high difference

    When I smoke indicas I don't know if I'm high. Sativas are like full blown high

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