Am i gettin ripped-off?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tek, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. Ok, got my plants bout 5 weeks into veg, they look really good, but about to start flowering. I am just about to buy a new HPS bulb, but the guy at the shop told me that with the ballast I've got, I will need to buy some kinda control unit to turn it on and off. I was planning to just use any timer to put it on 12/12 but the guy said that the power surge from a regular timer when it gets turned on will blow the HPS. Is this true? (He wants bout £30 for the 'control unit'!!)
    I got more info on the make of the light and proposed unit, somewhere..

    Thanks for any ideas,
  2. do you have the ballast built in to the mine.....a floodlight style unit?.........if so then it doesn't need one....i was told this also.......i run it off a digital timer........Peace out......Sid
  3. Check the power wattage of your lighting against the limits on common timers.
  4. Thanks guys.

    A 'floodlight style unit' eh sid?!? Where might one find these floodlight style units?? But no its not, got it (from a shop!) as a seperate ballast with a wire running to the bulb and relfector. Will check the details of both.
  5. wasssup every1 in GC..... i planted ma seeds on friday and the little green heads have finally poped out of the soil but one of them is bent over at the top is that normal......peace

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