Am I fucked?

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    My friend got caught on lyrica and xanax today, and was taken to the hospital to be drug tested, and the pills were found in his system. They searched through his phone and found texts of me saying that I was trying to buy some kpins from someone from last night. This person isn't a big drug dealer or anything like that, he just sells a tiny bit of kpins to make some money on the side. Keep in mind this happened in school and were all seniors.

    Me and the person that got caught have been very good friends for a long while, and I think it was a very stupid decision on his part to mix lyrica and xanax, and even stupider to do it in school.

    My friend's dad called my mom today at like 5, and told her that he found drug lingo in my friend's phone texted by me and some other people. Also, he told her most of the information posted here.

    Now, I never actually did get the kpins from the dealer last night. Also, I have never taken them in my life, since I'm not very big on pills. So if the cops were brought into the situation and saw my text to him saying I was trying to get some from the dealer, could I be fucked?

    We're still not sure that the cops will be brought in to the situation, I'm leaning towards the "no" side. Nonetheless, though, I'm still a bit shaken.

    TLDR: My friend got caught on pills in school. Texts were in his inbox saying I was trying to get some kpins. I never actually did get them and never took them in my life. Me = Fucked? (if cops get involved, that is)

    I put this in Pandora's Box because I figured it would best fit here, since I've always noticed in the back of my mind that people are more mature here then in other parts of GC.
  2. Are they even allowed to go through his phone like that?

    I don't think they can bust you for anything because they didn't have the right to go through his phone in the first place, so anything brought up in court would be shot down because it's not valid evidence.

    Correct me if I'm wrong someone, but that is what I think.
  3. It's very possible, but you never know.
  4. does it have your last name on his phone?

    cuz if it doesnt then it could just be a different person with the same name
  5. Well, it wasn't the school that went through his phone. It was either his dad or his older brother, I don't know which. But anyway, I'm asking about if his dad were to get the cops involved.

    Edit: forgot to mention that he got his phone taken away in school today at lunch because he was texting or something.
  6. Unless you were talking about buying huge quantities or saying that you already had them, I don't see you being fucked. The cops may want to to come ask you some questions about the text and some other stuff, but they have no physical evidence, just a text message. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't even qualify for a warrant or anything serious.

    Just clean up your shit a little (out of sight/smell) and deny, deny, deny.
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    They already know the texts were from me, and his dad called my mom.
  8. Yeah dude the most I think would happen would be what your parents do about the situation, I don't think the police can get involved, MAYBE the school but what I always do when I get my phone taken away at school is delete the messages and take out the battery so they can't go through my personal shit. I know it's a little late now, but for future reference definitely do that.
  9. I highly doubt that you'll get screwed over by the cops, but if you care about your mom finding out then be prepared to be bitched and yelled at.
  10. Well, my mom doesn't know that I was planning on trying the kpins, but she does know that I've smoked weed before and that the drug lingo was found in his phone texted from me and some other people.

    I don't know what drug lingo his dad is talking about. It could be the kpin convo from last night, or it could be weed convos from like a week ago. Idk. Hopefully its the latter.
  11. Anything on a high school campus is subject to search and seizure as school administrators see fit. I had friends back in high school days get expelled for stuff on their cell phones. Maybe its different in other states but here in california they can search anything, anytime, anywhere for any reason. Pretty gestapo like eh? Dont even get me started on school politics I never want to send my child into a place like that where their rights are virtually non-exsistant.

    Oh and if it was your buddy's dad or brother, your only fucked by them. Not the cops, Not the school. Your probably cool bro.
  12. Why would his parents get the cops involved? Their own son would get in trouble too. And the cops would have no evidence against you - you could just say you were trying to sound cool. You're fine. I wouldn't even worry about it.
  13. In that case, even if its the former, deny it when confronted by your mom, saying that your friend's dad probably made a mistake and that it was actually weed.
  14. Yeah, I don't really feel scared anymore, just really disappointed that this happened.

    Also, I'm disappointed at the fact that his dad is probably going to see me as a completely different person now, which sucks because his dad seemed to take a liking to me, and I thought he was pretty cool too. I remember me and his dad played guitar together one time.
  15. If his dad isn't ignorant he will see that despite your drug use, you are still a good person, and will not think of you that differently. But lots of people make generalizations about people who use drugs, so you can only hope for the best. Good luck, bro.
  16. Better start looking for some more friends, by the looks of it his parents aren't going to want him anywhere near you.
  17. Well his dad said to my mom on the phone that my friend is going to be living a very different lifestyle from now on.

    I just learned from one of my friends that the coach of the football team told some kids at the soccer game that a drug testing law was recently passed at the school just yesterday. He said that there is a list of people suspected of doing drugs, and they are going right down the list. If i'm on that list, I'm pretty damn screwed. I smoked a blunt on Tuesday of this week. Today is Thursday. And I did some pretty heavy smoking over the summer. Whenever I had bud, it would usually be from 2g to an eighth, and I would smoke like three times a day. On days that I didn't have bud, I'd most likely smoke at night with my friends. I can only hope that this goes in my favor.
  18. Sucks for you if your school drug tests.. My school tried that 2 or 3 times, I just had a habit of "disappearing" between classes and on the way to the office.
  19. Not like the school will send you to jail or anything, lol.
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    This is true, but it would ruin shit for me if I failed a drug test. I don't wanna be suspended or anything like that, and I don't wanna ruin the relationship me and my dad have. I value the fact that I have a Dad at home and all that, as many of my friends parents are divorced, or have a dead parent. If he ever found out, he'd lose all respect for me, because he is very anti drug. /whine

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