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Am I fucked?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tuneinturnon, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. I hate to make another "how do I get some bud?" thread, but this is a little different. Please read and help me out.

    Okay. I go to a boarding school, where all sorts of shit is readily available. I do a fair amount of drugs, usually acid and I smoke weed a lot:smoke:. Anyway, we just got on winter break and I am dry. I'm back in the city, and I found that I know absolutely nobody who can sell me some weed. I have a decent amount of money, but I'm only 14 and look a little bit younger, and I'm kind of shy or embarrassed when I see someone who looks like a stoner. I'm afraid that due to my age they'll turn me away.

    I really need some weed, but I'm afraid to ask and am unsure of who to ask. So, would you sell a 14 year old weed? Would most people? Thanks.

    I miss school already :(
  2. you should probably edit that post and say you are 18, or you are going to be the recipient of the banhammer.
  3. I'd imagine a bunch of the posters here are under 18.
  4. #4 ISmokeGrass, Feb 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 14, 2009
    your fucked... if you plan on being a part of this community for much longer. Maybe many posters here are under 18 but they aren't dumbasses and admit it when you see the big red sentence "IF YOU ARE NOT 18 LEAVE NOW".
  5. Dude u dumb
    u supposed to be 18 to even be apart of the city
    c ya sucka:wave:
  6. Doesn't mean they all admit it son ;)
  7. Lol that sucks you set yourself up for that one.

    Also, your 14 and doing acid regularly? :confused:
  8. Holy shit! like 3 minutes and already 5 posts telling me i'm going to be b&. Okay, whatever. Here comes the ban...
  9. That's exactly what i was thinking.
  10. Actually don't change your original post.

    I don't want 14 year olds on the forum anyway.

    No offense.

    Grow up a little bit, get educated and come back in 4 years.
  11. uh yeah...that's retarded you just said ur 14.

    dude idk, stop being so afraid and just go do it... find someone...
  12. There are legal reasons for the rules. Too bad people don't bother reading them.
  13. You don't even have to read them to see that it says 18. Its in big red bold words, you can't miss it.
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