Am I fucked?

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  1. What's up gc. The deal is I am going to court on dec. 2nd and there is a possibility the judge may order me to do an on the spot drug test.

    The facts: I am average build 5'11 about 180
    The last I smoked was on Halloween a little bud and a few small dabs of some dank medical oil.
    I have been smoking for about 7 months regularly about (4-10 times a week)
    In the last 2 months or so I have been using wax maybe 2 times a week out of the 4-10. I'm trying to work out atleast 3 times a week (running and weights), drinking green tea atleast once a day and drinking healthy amounts of water.

    Am I fucked?
  2. Idk, I mean.. If you have the money to buy a couple detox drinks and drink one now, then another in a couple weeks. Should help with removing anything possible. Some of those drinks actually work by stopping the release of fat metabolites into the bladder. Make sure you get the cleansing type if you do try this.

    Stop lifting weights and working out... That only allows more THC to release from your fat cells, which is where it gets stored.
  3. Medical dabs?
    That's some potent THC my friend. 
  4. Fuckkkk, has anyone ever taken a drug test at court? If so what are they like I'm a minor btw.
  5. you are super fucked. better start flushing your system with detox regiments!
  6. I thought working out helped flush the thc that is in stored in your fat?
  7. Any detox drinks recommendations?

    I plan on buying a drug test and testing myself a few days before my court date, if I fail that shit I may try to cheat by drinking a fuckton of water and super b complex before the test, also I take creatine I case they investigate the test further. I'm talking like 4 gallons of water here.
  8. your best bet is to work out hard every day. push ups, crunches, etc
  9. What you need is some motivational music to get you into the workout mood. Pretty much anything that's good for 80s montages.
    Some Electric Avenue, I Ran (So Far Away), The Safety Dance, Maniac, 99 Luftballoons, We're Not Gonna Take It, Funkytown, Whip It, etc. Replay them over and over, and you'll be in the clear in no time. That's how it works in the movies. 
    Basically, you don't want to shake loose any more THC than you have to before the test. What you're trying to do with any detox drink is shit allll the THC out that you can before court. Eat as much fiber as possible. Eat a bunch of fat and red meat in the last dew days before court if possible. This will tell the body to store more fat for the time being. Get some metamucil. Keep up with the green tea and water. You're not a big fatso as it is, you can run when you get done with court.

    Drinking 20 gallons of water won't do anything. THC is not water soluble. Ya gotta poop it out.

    Of course, stop smoking NOW, if you didn't already.

    Trust me, I've done the research :D
  11. Niacin also does nothing but make you feel extremely "flush" in large amounts.
  12. I know to stop working out a few days before the test, but it seems like most people suggest working out because thc is released through your sweat. I will definitely pick up some Metamucil.
  13. I would stop any excess cardiovascular activity a week beforehand. I don't want to mislead. OK, maybe this will make more sense...

    THC can't be sweated out because you can't sweat out fat. You only pee and poop fat out. If you workout, the only THC being released is from you breaking down viscous fat and peeing/pooping out the metabolites. The more you workout, the more you are breaking down stored THC metabolites.

    You will still have THC in your system when you go to court, no doubt. The question is, will you be secreting it in your urine? If you are able to get enough out of your system beforehand, then make an effort to stop your body from breaking down fat stores, you may be able to pee less than what their test can read.
  14. Thank you, that is very helpful.
  15. you done fucked up
    you have a month? you are fine. Go work out like a beast and you will be a ok. 
    order some thc testing strips off amazon, i've had to take a drug test for court before and i got myself clean in two weeks after HEAVY smoking.
  17. Stop smoking right now, do cardio a few times a week, and drink a lot of water. Thc takes around a month to get out of your system but this should make it like 3 weeks

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  18. why are they gonna drug test you? what state are you in? i wouldnt be worried about it. if you got caught with bud depending on state they are gonna dismiss it/ put you on probation with drug testing. and if you are getting drug testing just dont smoke after the first one.. i would chief it down until i took the first test!

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