Am i fired? Or do you think its just a schedule mess up?

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  1. Got my first job at kfc :(. I was the cook but then she took me off cooking and put me on the front counter. I was much happier there. And i was doing okay. But then today she texts me and was like "oh you don't need to come in today. Just come in tomrrow at your scheduled time."

    I was like "WTF!?!?!?!?!"

    But i just didn't text her back. I was already like halfway there when she texted me too.

    But anyway they actually have another front counter guy that works the same shift as me. So that would have been 4 front counter people. Theres only three registers. And hes been working for like a week more then me? But it was only my third day and she cancelled. So i feel like maybe i'm about to be fired?

    Do you think she just cancelled my shift because she double scheduled us thinking that i was gonna cook but i ended up in the front?

    Or do you think i'm about to be fired?
  2. Don't sweat it. No way to know until it turns out to the surface. But in the mean time, worrying so much and then mistakenly making a fool out of yourself will only increase the odds of getting canned.
  3. lol
    you tripin
    don't pay attention to little details like that
  4. Just go with it man..

    After all, its only KFC.
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    OP, even if you had clocked in and worked for like 20 minutes, you'd probably been given an EO (early out) companies w/o unions screw w/ their people's hours so much. She'd said, "Oh, we over scheduled. Would you to go home?" and you would have thought, "Hell yes!" Has your register been balancing out ok? That's a biggy in retail w/ money involved. Always make sure you deal honestly w/other peoples money. It's called being cash register honest.
  6. Not fired. They'd rather have people working the stations who have the most experience, especially if it's during peak periods. In fast food, newer people tend to get screwed for their hours.. until they slowly get better.

    On a side note I have no idea why you choose front counter over kitchen. I for one cannot stand to deal with rude annoying and stupid people. If I'm not the manager in charge I usually go to kitchen.
  7. Sounds like she was just informing you of something via text message.

    I don't think you're going to get fired anytime soon.
  8. Just make sure you're high when you go to work.

  9. Yes, as we all know, this is a GREAT way to keep your job
  10. If you were going to get fired she would not have stopped you from coming in. She was doing you a favor.
  11. Cook the chicken with hash oil. Customers will come back starving for more and your boss will give you more hours for sure.

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