Am i ever going to grow up?

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  1. I'm 21 years old, i can't seem to grow up, i'm still such a immature dude, i act like back when i was around 12, i don't even know why i act this way, i sometimes say really stupid shit which makes me have a laugh in the moment, but later on, i sit down and think about it, and i feel bad, because i act like a kid, instead of the young adult i really am, i'm in college, i have a loving family even though i'm such a douche with them, i act like i don't love them, even though i really do, they worry so much about me but i keep treating them like shit, my mom never askes for me to do anything but study, and even though i pass i do it with the lowest grades. I have never got a real job, never had to go through some actual hard work in my life, and, worse of all, i have never got an actual girlfriend, and everytime the oportunity comes around i turn it down because i'm afraid of being a complete failure at it. On the outside, i have plenty of friends and i look like a pretty happy guy, truth is, i'm not. I'm frustrated of the way i act, frustrated of trying to change for good and failing at attempt, over, and over, and over. Everytime i like a girl, i try to hit on her, spend time with her, get her to know me, know her better, for the time she actually starts to like me, every kind "What if" thought you can imagine comes to my mind. I really want to change, but i don't know what to do, hell i haven't even ever kissed a girl, even though i have gotten plenty of chances, i always turn them down because i'm too afraid of failure, or have any kind of stupid thoughts like, "I have just realized shes too ugly" "I think i dont like her anymore" "Shes too good for me" "I'm too good for her" "What if...."
    The way i act, and think, isn't the way of a normal 21 year old. I'm really frustrated, i want to change, but i dont know how. I need help, i really do.

  2. Little hard on yourself aren't you?  I think 22 will be a good age for you.
  3. Way too hard on yourself bro.
    You need to re wire your brain. You have negative thinking. You need to think positively and believe in yourself because we are all capable... Yes, all of us.
    Take a breath, push yourself outside of your comfort zones and just do it.
  4. Btw, I'm a pretty immature person. And I'm a girl, so it's kind of awkward.
    Own it.
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    you just stated everything thats wrong with you, so what do you need us for? Start doing shit around the house, talk to girls and try to kiss them, study better in college and get a better grade. who cares if you say dumb shit? i mean like what do you say thats dumb that you laugh at and think its bad later on? that doesnt make sense to me, if you say something funny, you said it to be funny.

    You really just seem....idk what. maybe your a troll or something but you just honestly told us EVERYTHING thats wrong with you, so theres only one thing to do, fix it. i mean really, its not rocket science. must ppl that are immature and not doing anything with their lives dont admit it but you did so, you really dont need our help. just do the opposite of everything you said you did wrong. damn.

    stop smoking weed, get a job,study for school. theres a start.
  6. Smoke weed. It will give you a better perspective. And you will be able to analyze what you do wrong and correct your lifestyle
  7. Sorry for the bad grammar, i just felt the need to type everything i felt, and didn't realise how many grammar mistakes i had. My problem is that i have tried to change for good, but i never success, like, today i'm saying this, wanting to change EVERYTHING, then i actually go on and try to do such changes, but then in about a wekk or so, i come back to what i'm like today, and nevermind everything i thought was worth changing for. That's what i need help with, i don't know what's wrong with me. 
    Like today i get up and feel the need to change, maybe not knowing how but definitely got the will to, but then tomorrow, i just forget about it and continue with my usual, boring and depressing lifestyle.
  8. Don't think about it too much. Don't be that pussy ass 21 year old that is too afraid make a choice in life. This is gonna sound fruity but, all you have to do is live life, these are supposed to be the best years of your life! so go make some changes and come out of your shell.Be spontaneous and make some last second decisions.
  9. I dunno then man, you just gotta keep working at what you want to change. don't do it one day then quit the next. do it everyday. make a schedule, each day you help out around the house. set out an hour to study. make a point of asking your mom how her day was. maybe talk to a psychiatrist or counselor or something if you cant find the will or energy to do the stuff. maybe you have depression or something, i dunno I'm no expert but something isn't right if you know whats wrong and want to change but cant. you should talk to a professional.
  10. im forever young
  11. It's alright bro girlfriends only want to poo on your chest so maybe it's best that you don't have one. Sent from my medulla oblongata.
  12. Fake it till you make it. It will be hard at first but new habits will set it and you will soon become a new person. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. hey op, i used to be in the same shit you were in, straight D student, never had an actual gf cuz im afriad of failure, never obeyed my elders, and get pissed at them over the smallest thing...

    do you have a small penis? legit question cuz that tends to have an affect on most people who act yhat way..

    plus its just a stage, i used to be an immature little fucktard when i was growing up. fucked up sense of humor too, read about transcendentalism, go on and choose the life improvement section, look online and see if there are people goong through the same thing and ask em for advice, get a job, buy your own car,know the struggle of everyday life, then you will start to take the world seriously and see that family love isnt something you should hide. you can do this without losing your jokey presence.
  14. yup my mom always said fake it till you make all has to do with patterns and they're really hard to cant focus on everything thats wrong and should just pick one thing you want to change (a job is a good start) and just focus on that until you get into a pattern of doing it
  15. sorry to double post. just wanted to add you can expect to change suddenly, its a process that takes a loong time but u will notice difference in yourself and you have to keep doing what youre doing right to change because its easy to just stop and go back to your old ways..

    remember, whenever you leave the house and hang out with whomever, DONT FORGET (u prob will but) DONT FORGET ABOUT HOW YOU WANT TO CHANGE OUTSIDE YOUR HOME
  16. its not all bad about being immature, at least a little :) never let your inner kid completely fade away, it lets you enjoy life so much more !
    and everything else is just a matter of changing the way you act/think. its up only to you. and the fact that you want change and know that you need it is already one of the hardest steps to make. im in a sort of simmilar situation, so i know your feels man.
    dont worry man, be happy, go with the flow, enjoy life :D
  17. Before every action you take, stop and think. Consider. Is this something an adult would do or a fucking child would do? 
    I asked myself that question repeatedly, for an embarrassingly long time. 
  18. Oh hunny, no one ever really grows up, we just learn how to act in public.
  19. Duuuuude this got me weak

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