Am I ever going to do this?

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  1. I have exercise induced asthma. It's a moderate case of it too. I can't run around for very long without my airway swelling up. I don't get physically tired, but I just can't breathe. I do have an inhaler but it only works to a certain extent.

    That rules out doing grueling physical exercise for me.

    So every morning I wake up and do stretches, light aerobics, reps of push-ups and sit ups, and I lift a pile of books. Hehe. But then........ I get sick. I'm NOT a healthy person and it seems like I don't have an immune system. I get really sick, I can't exercise for a number of days because of the sickness, and by the time I'm healthy again it seems like I lost all the progress I made.

    I'm not trying to lose weight, but just stay the way I am and get slightly more toned. But me getting sick all the damn time is getting me pissed.

    Am I ever going to reach my goal?
  2. Post pics.
  3. Just stay away from some heavy cardio vascular work, cycling or power walking is a good and easy way to keep fit, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do it regularly - you will see a great improvement two months after a daily morning workout.

    Because you find it hard to do straining work, things like the plank is very diffucult and hard on the abs but doesn't really make you breath harder.

    Can you explain this 'sickness', do you feel like you've worked too hard, are you too hot, is the sickness in the head/throat or stomache?
  4. I'd say start taking all the vitamins and minerals you can. Multivitamins, vitamin C, B12, etc when you work out. Should help counteract the dip in your immunity system from a workout, and hopefully let you stay on track! Good luck dude.

    Btw, I have excercise induced asthma too... still have no idea how that shit works.
  5. You might not be neccisarily getting sick. If you were really an unhealthy person before, then when you start working out all the toxins in ur body will be released and your not gonna feel good for a few days.. just go with it.. cause if that is the case then itll stop happening after you get most of that stuff out..
  6. I think i might have something like that but i only get it when im under extreme exertion ie. competitive cross country running races, like once in a hockey game. it happens a lot easier if its really hot and humid. what can i do to stop it?

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