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Am I even high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AHCx, May 15, 2011.

  1. First off: I'm fucking stupid.

    Good, thats out of the way now.

    Ok: So I smoked probably 5 times now, I'm in no way a Seasoned toker. Last time, I smoked using an apple pipe, finished off the rest of my bag (.5 or 1g), and I got up to walk back inside. I was only dizzy, and things were kind of hazy, but I get that from doing dip even. I then proceeded to get a megadonkeydickass headache, puke for 2 hours in front of the toilet, and fall asleep on the toilet. Weed for me = not fun.

    1. Am I even high? Like, for instance, I just watched due date and Zach Gaf. just turned into a bear, all the lights were bending, and shit was popping up. Is this normal, or is that exaggerated?
    2. I'm getting a glass bowl, with this make me higher/burn more efficiently/waste less or whatever?

    Please respond.

    I <3 my stoner friends here :hello:
  2. Ya by the sounds of it you got to fucking high.

    Puking, Falling asleep, Watching Zak Gaf turning into a bear, lights bending.

    maybe you need to just hit a clean bong, take a few rips and just chill.

    But if you puked for 2 hours maybe weed isn't for you.
  3. No, thats not high. Being high has many things that happen. Emotions become stronger and the way your body feels is that waves are traveling through your body (its hard to describe being high, and I know you dont understand that description but once you do feel it, you will know what i mean).
  4. Yeah dude, you got some effects of that bitch MJ. Go downstairs into the fridge and see if you've got the munchies. You'll know you're high depending on how much you eat xD.
  5. Well weed affects every1 differently, if u've gotten high(you KNOW when your high) off that same bag before then i'm fairly stumped. I havent seen the movie, does zach gaf. turn into a bear in the movie or did you Hallucinate that? If its crappy weed you have the chance of getting a really bad headache and if u smoke too much you can puke(called greening out). If u smoked a whole gram that could be why you puked especially if your new to it. I would say dont use an apple anymore in any case lol.
  6. ^^^^

    Very true, i guess you werent High.

    You were just getting bad side affects from weed i guess, like i said you might've just smoked to much. Kinda like drinking to much alcohol makes you worse.

  7. It doesn't sound like you're high, although you could've just smoked too much and 'greened out'. It happens to new people. Don't base any of what you want to know about weed on films or tv shows, they almost always exaggerate it.

    The glass bowl will work better, yes. Next time try only taking a few hits.

    He was talking about a scene in the movie.
  8. i could tell by the title no, you weren't. are you inhaling? you gotta inhale.
  9. Thank you guys so much. You helped me out abunch.
    This is why I said "I <3 my stoner friends here"

    hahaha. love it here.
  10. DUDE! Thats exactly what happened to me. I smoked like 3 or 4 times and didn't get high so i was like WTF so i made 3 homemade Pipes (shivers) and packed em rim bowl and commenced to do the most idiotic thing possible. I was like fuck you im gunna get high. I Smoked each Pre-packed bowl to the dome in a matter of minutes. I greened out like 20min later puking all over the place and shit and just straight up owned. I was like bleh i feel like shit...... so i went nigh nigh. I woke up and magically got high off a couple hits.

    2 years later here i am =) uh right happy stoner posted on GC =)
  11. That happened to me when I first started toking. My advice is to just take it slow and pace your self, for example smoke a bowl or two see how you feel and then do one more wait a while and maybe another. I takes time to get used the effects of MJ. Happy toking:smoke:
  12. If you are asking yourself if you're high then you're definitely not high, you will know when you are high, trust me.
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    Dude explain to me what your sig's supposed to mean I'm fucking stumped

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