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  1. this wasnt the first time ive noticed a total stranger driving slowly past and thought..HUH, a stoner. why you ask....its the "lighter holding theory". lets imagine were all driving,... and were all smoking a joint ( well if yu dont wanna participate in this imagery, who knows, weve all been a little touchy, then just rearrange all thoughts to your perceptions :) ) mmmkay.... were driving smoking and smoking a joint. fist we need to light it, using one hand to smoke with, using one knee to drive with from time to time for relighting, <-this mostly done on l;ong straight stretches of the roads, but can be easily manuvered on just about any terrain.after lighting it and relighting it, WHERE IS YOUR LIGHTER STASHED? are you holding it in your driving/lighting hand???? on the stearing wheel????? i have seen Many times people, and tend to do it myself. if i am not holding my lighter in my hand ON the steeringwheel its lost, but not tooo lost.
    its under my ass evERYsiNGLE time. unless i have a pop. <-caution having a pop while burning a joint while driving causes the driver to drop the lighter in the first place
  2. Heh Heh, that was pretty funny!
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  3. How about looking for a lightre in the car and not finding one. You are out in the middle of nowhere so you can't stop at a store to buy one and your car lighter doesn't work. That's a bitch.

    Or you are looking for a lighter in the car, peek under the seat and find about a dozen lighters. Been there and done that to.
  4. Laughin at the whole bunch of ya! I used to always hold it in my hand on the steering wheel. This usually resulted in me dropping it in the floor. I'm pretty good about not yanking the wheel when I bend down to pick it up, most of the time. But there was one night when I smacked my passenger side mirror on a bridge railing! Talk about a rush! Damn near swallowed my joint!

    Oh yeah, Critter. When traveling in a vehicle,

    fire bad.

    As Frankenstein would say.
  5. im gonna make a car that has one knob for the AC one for the heater and another that blows pot smoke into the car. no more fumbiling with joints or bongs in the car.
  6. they use to make a thing that twisted on the end of a stickshift. it looked like the knob that should be their, but u could slide the numbers on the top (a fake plate ya know) and it would expose a bowl. then a plastic tube was rapped tightly into a chanel around the top just under where your secound diget would ly if you were holding the knob to shift. this use to be too short so some people replaced it. and there whalla. you have a bowl you cant drop, one hand on the weel at all times. the abillity to look around and drive while (er) driving.
    I havent seen this in a while. you use to buy it from this oldtime hippy mag that came to the house. I wish I could rember. you old timer 70's smokers from new england might rember it. you could buy the plumming pipe from it that looked like the plumming of a house if you removed the house leving the plummung and fixtures. it was like a head shop mag that came 3 times a year or so.

    When driving now, I try to use my dougout. I like to place it between my legs. hold the bat in my driving hand like you would drive with a ciggrett ( in the u.s. with the left hand cuz we are on the right side of the road). Trade hands, pack, trade back, get your lighter placed over the viser or in the brest pocket of a T. and keep lighting that bad boy. Sometimes when in traffic. and you are playing checkers with the other drivers ( you know first you pass than them then u then them back and forth) I wonder if these people think I chain smoke or am too stupid to keep me cig lit.
    I hate to drive and smoke any ways. you get too caught up in driving and shit. and you lose track of how much smoke you have had. and there was that time I forgot to roll down the windos and went speeding in to a zero tolirance zone. Than when the cop pulled me over, like in a blink of an eye he was right there all of a sudden, and all this smoke rolls up into his face as he is asking for my info. well you can say that went bad from the start and landed me up in the thug jug for a shot hiatus.
    so bee careful out there, and as this drunk once told me.

    " Boy if you screwing around driving, and know that u are going to. Then have a peeled onion on the dash to take a huge bite out of so the cop stands well clear of you when he is asking you Q's."

  7. seems to be quite a few people round here doing just a little reading, comeon lurkers,try this. after your finished reading... post-up!!! :)
    its really easy i swear
  8. That was pretty good
  10. wow I thought I was the only one who looses thier lighter in the car...thats all we would go to do is drive to smoke and man the damn lighter finds its way all around the damn car!
  11. i never smoke alone, so i have the passenger light it then put it in my lips...
  12. i have this theory about how i can tell if your PICKING YOUR NOSE while driving too, but.....ill keep it to myself, mostly cause the baby wont go to sleep an its hard to type with one haNd,...but i bet most of ya already knew that,eh ;)

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