Am i Dying?

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  1. Im Looking for alot of Feedback on this one guys. I have tripped on Acid 3 times. I have posted a trip report for the tab i took friday. The deal was, i had been triipiin for about 9 hours. i smoked a fat blunt of some banging super skunk. Before i had smoked i had no visuals. after i hit the blunt for the 4 time my trip had come back and was stronger than ever. i started to feel very uneasy, and was dwelling on too many things at once. My thoughts were racing, and i remember almost feeling my blood race through my veins. My whole head began to throb and my back felt irratated. At this point i thought i was going to have a heartattack or stroke. It was a very scary expierence for me. The funny thing is, this happened the first time i tripped, and i said i would never drop another tab. Friday i found myself saying the same thing :[ Does anyone know what the fuck was going on with me. I know i was trippin for about 9 to 10 hours, i hadn't ingested much food, and i have drank alittle bit. Thanks guys!

    Peace, Love, and LSD!
  2. Nah ur not dont worry, same thing happens to me when I smoke some dank when I'm comin down from acid.:smoking:
  3. Hah, alright. i was alittle paranoid, because i was getting chest pains and i started thinking if taking the Lucy, drinking, smoking, and not eating alot may have raised my bloodpressure or something. i already have serious hypertension and i didn't wanna convulse or something hahaha. Anyone else have any similar stories of being on some good LSD and it felt like you were dying?
  4. When i took 5 hits of pure LSD (my best friend is a 4th year chemist at university of south carolina) I strted trippin balls so bad that I didnt feel like I was dying I thought I was dying backwards lol.
    I thought as the trip kept goin on that I was getting younger and younger and that by the end of my trip I would be in a womb, lol.:smoking:
  5. weed always enhances LSD man, i remember when i dropped a couple tab and wasnt gettin visuals so i gave up hope...then i took a fat bong rip and visuals smacked me in the face. also, even days after u trip, when u smoke weed u can get visuals from the residue, but of course they wont me as prominent. u prob. already know this since youve tripped 3 times though.
  6. Nah man I get weird feelings like that even when I'm not on acid just really high.
  7. If you didn't eat much at all it's probably low blood sugar... that can do some weird shit, and smoking with a f'd up sugar level can cause a bad high.

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