am i doing this right (lst)

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  1. That's not overkill for outdoor I've seen some pretty big pots 50+ gal the sounds of it your out in the boon docks
  2. I've got big plans for 50+ gallon next year ;) Belive it or not I'm on the edge of an "upscale" sub-divison but the yards are all acerages with lots of trees. I'm pretty sure my nearest neghbour blazez anyway, I hear her hacking. The phone and cable are another story just too few houses for providers to care.
  3. Let me know ill sub it for sure! Wish I was able to grow outdoors like that, I'm surrounded by either old people or hs kids that I wouldn't trust for shit ha
  4. If I can get a quad or an ol' pickup to use as a tanker I could drive out the back of my yard into one of our huge BC logging road systems even when the gates are closed;) I'm surounded by mostly stuffy old people but we have an arangment, the only time they bug us is if they need somthing shot, hs kids skulking the hood would be fair game.
  5. .....Looking good and healthy that the same plant as in the pic above it, the hindu ?
  6. Oh no no its blue dream that Hindu went to sleep :( not sure wth it was ....but blue dream made it up
  7. It was Hindu kush, I'd rather have Hindu skunk but no one seems to have it or wanna share!
  8. thats a blue dream? how tall is she? I managed to keep mine super short with LST, like seriously maybe 4-5 inches tall above the pots before I started flowering. gonna have some serious shrubs on my hand...

    From a few days ago:

  9. Yeah they are all like foot or more now, drinking like a gal or so a day!
  10. Thanks for the +rep Kroptonik :) gotta quick question...why don't you have your filter hanging at the top? (suck the hot air out from top rather than cold from bottom) Wish i had room in my tent for the filter (note for next time GET A EFFIN HUGE TENT)
  11. Im lazy like that. Plus its not hooked up yet and probably wont be hung up cos i dont trust tht heavy ass thing above my ladies
  12. Update: she's a monster and drinks like a sailor!

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  13. I hear ya there buddy. Mines got a base of 30 wide and only 20 deep x 63In high. I thought it would be plenty big enough and now I wish it was twice the size. The height is ok but with a 20 x 30 base I have one good plant in it and thats it...

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