Am I Doing This Right? LST and Topping

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Wannasab, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. 2nd grow. First attempt at scrog. Training them with LST. Theyve been topped once. Should i top them again, and if so how do i know when its the right time?

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  2. Those look pretty naked right now....I wouldn't do any more topping until they grow out some more.Then see what shape they're gonna take...
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  3. I'd wait for some new growth. They could use some more fan leaves to help soak up the light. You could train them but I wouldn't look at taking any more off until they grow out some more.
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  4. I'd maybe try to settle out the transplants a bit nicer. Dig out a couple of the pots more and get the soil clumps in there further.
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  5. Good Catch ! I had to look at that again, LOL

  6. How do i do that without destroying roots?
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  7. I just defoliated cuz i thought they needed it... should i hav left them alone?
  8. If they're already rooted past that than just even out the tops of the soil, not a big deal really. I'd just lay off trimming them, don't top them again, just keep training them and let them grow out a bit more.
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  9. Yea leave them alone for a long time. Clones don't need as much for real. You're killing them to be blunt. Stunting them also. Here's a clone 23 days old . never did have to play with her. Lst is for seedlings. 1st pic clone 2nd seedling [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. I would stop with the trimming and topping.
    they need time to recover.

    LST needs to be started when they are younger.
    I start when the secondary branches are still small.

    Pot plants work under the premise, who is tallest bud is TOP BUD and gets preferred nutrients.

    so when you bend over the young plant and the top bud is now at plant pot level, all the other buds on the plant start to fight for Top Bud.

    every growth point on the plant will now try to be Top Bud
    half a dozen "buds" will now be growing along with the original top cola.
    and so it goes on and on for as long as you can stay dedicated.

    plants have to be addressed every few days to keep the game going.

    if you keep everyone at the same level, new cola heads pop up until you are about weeks into flower, then the game stops
    most plants I grow have 15-25 "cola" crowns, in a 5 gal pot.
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  11. I did my LST late, but it still helped bring a lot of colas more light and they have grown a lot higher. Helping to even out the canopy. [​IMG]
  12. You're murdering those plants bro
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  13. Im not gona touch em! No need to defoliate unless the light cant penetrate the leaves, correct? Im was worried about letting them get too big for the tent they are in.. but i think i shud at least wait until they get bushy.. they have plenty of space right now. I had/have an issue with fungus gnats.. i have been using neem oil.. but i will still see some here and there. Any advice?
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  14. I use seven dust . don't hurt the plant and it will kill the eggs also . put a fly strip up it'll catch most of em.

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