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~Am I doing this correctly..LST 1ST GROW(pics)~

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Twind0721, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. hi all, I am trying to train these plants to grow within these empty spaces on my home made bubbleponic system... I just tied them down last night and they have already transformed... my whole problem is that these plants where already extremely bushy and tight at the stem so am i hurting the plans, since now that the plant is horizontal the bottom node are not getting as much light. Concern what will happen?

    check it out for your self

    thanks..need all suggestions

    maybe I should have left them alone...I just wanted to keep them in veg alittle longer because of room limitations.



    2 days before

  2. imo you should top the plant and use a scrog
  3. What type of sytem is this? Bubble bucket, Ebb & flow? Light?

    I just LST my 16 children today. They look very similar in size on 3 weeks. I am sending them to flower later this week.

    You seem to be on the right track. I use the green garden wire. it works well. I attach it diretly to the pots by punching a hole in the side.
    The stocks will bend easily, plants this young are very flexable and yes they will respond and turn right back up to the light.
    You have to keep after them for a couple weeks, "top bud" will want to get back on top.

    The game is "king bud". the bud determinied by the plant, to be "on top" gets the most growth.
    so once the "top bud" gets lowered below other branches, a free for all breaks out on your plant. 10 sub buds will now try to grow to be "top bud"

    once the game is started it will conintue without your help after about 2 weeks of keeping the first "Top bud" down.

    Make sense? This make lots of nice primary buds do flower from.

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  4. Wow dude are a huge help...considering what u see how much potenial in yield should I exspect? 9
  5. Oh and I use the same green wires as well..this a homemade bubbleponic under 1000 watt mh....there 3 weeks from seed..I could use some guidance
  6. mine were really hard to tie down there was zero space at the stem..i just needwd reassurance..any other suggestion are welcomed.
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    A scrog imo works better than just tieing the stems down,

    Like the other guy said With lst you will have to keep re doing them. A scrog you only build the screen, then move the branches under the screen. I personally have had better yields using a scrog
  8. I find that using the screen makes it hard to work on the girls because I am in such a small area. Also a screen tight enough to hold back shoots from the plant will also cut off some light.
    I am in the film industry and we use "nets" to cut the light from a shot. simple screen an reduce light by 1/3 to 1/2

    anyway, LST will triple your yeild at least, probably more with that light! Couple oz per plant easy!
  9. Hence the imo
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    Your right it does make it a little more challenging, but proper planning, and some thought goes along way.
    I have 3 pervious grows under my belt, all using lst. And this one I'm using a scrog, for me maintenanceis easier, only have to tuck growth back under screen. And the screen should be about 2" x 2" holes, not a micro screen.a 2x2 hole will not block 30% of the light

    With lst you have to re position the strings every few days. When the plant gets 2 to 3 feet tall this can be time consuming.
    But again this is my opinion, and experiences. Others may vary
  11. thanks again guys...hey what if I try and use both techniques will this improve yeild as well... I am not sure about teh Screen of green stradegy, but I did buy a screen at hydro store cause I was considering it...what should I do far as where to put the screen Height and width??? more is always better and thanks allot any of you guys have a grow journal I can check out for refrences?
  12. And a scrog is a form of lst.
    Well I built my own, so I'm not sure what your screen looks like. But I put mine about a foot over the pots, then as growth grows up thoughthe screen gently tuck it back under the screen, spreading it out. I have a box diagram I made I will post it later.
  13. I have never tried a screen to be honest, but with 2 x 2" holes what stops the plant from just going through the hole? Plants will grow through the smallest crack!

    I also don't do much maintenance after the first 2 weeks. It seems that once the new buds get in the race for TOPS, they all just fight on.
    Periodically, I will usually find the tall guy on the plant and bend or hook him down, but that takes no time. I like to go and talk to the girls a couple times a day anyway.
  14. Koo..appreciate it again guys..the suggstions the better..will wait on diagrams n pics
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    I going to take pictures of my screen today...tell me if this to low or high? a foot sounds nice..ill do the same..oh yeah... when can I clone off of these plants.. i wanted to do so before they got I began flowering?

    so as for screen of green, correct me if I am wrong.. I simply place screen above already training plants awaiting them to grow into the screen.. as the grow I simply tie them to outside boundary of square, creating a even plain of light, so light penetrates better. I am just trying to get it right.
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    i dont clone, i grow from seed so i wont be any help on that
    looking at those pictures you can see how close my screen is to the bucket. only like 5-6". but in your case you might want to make it a little higher
    the plants do not have to be trained already. but it wont hurt anything.
    but the idea is to let it grow up through the screen, when it gets an inch or two above gently bend it back under the screen. tucking it under one of the strings. and your right about the even plain of light......and so on

    here is my set up i made it out of pvc tubing and nylon string..... notice the "weaving" of the string

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  17. ^^^^^^
    nice set up man. im impressed
  18. thanks,......... but im just making a closet work right now. during the summer i let the sun do all my growing. and the closet is going to have major reconstructive surgery.

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