Am I doing the wrong thing?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by aToker, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Too young to smoke. I wouldn't do it. And of they see it he will blame out on you. He's young

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  2. think about the consequences. Your cousin gets caught with it and gets asked where he got it. Fingers get pointed in your general direction, and now your the hated family member for getting your cousin into drugs. Even if he smokes a lot before I wouldnt. Its not worth it.

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  3. i understand where you're coming from but i am also telling it like it is. most people start smoking before the age of 18 and turn out just fine. not saying you shouldnt educate people on healthier ways to partake but just saying you wont turn into a zombie if you start smoking before you're 18.
  4. Stfu goof

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  6. Wether you buy it for him or not he's going to be smoking weed. He's going through a hard time as it is, get him a the end of the day if you
    Make sure he's educated on cannabis and keep a close eye no harm can be done.
  7. do it

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  8. Go ahead and buy it for him man, if you don't he'll probably smoke from an aluminum can or something. He's also a family member that's going through a hard time in life. Just tell him to not be reckless and get caught and if he does ever get caught just tell him to say he bought it from some kid at school. And maybe even lecture him a little bit about how weed shouldn't get in the way of things in your life, and he shouldn't make it a bad habit as he is still young. I mean your buying a bubbler for him, he should at least listen a little to what you have to say.

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