Am I doing the wrong thing?

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    You shouldn't smoke MJ if you're under 18, it can have permanent effects on your memory if your brain is still developing.
    Why does everyone think he's stealing money from the kid?

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  3. If he smokes already, buy it for him, but don't encourage it if he doesn't because 14 is young to start smoking. I was happy to show my little sister the way when she started but I didn't want to be the person responsible for starting her smoking.
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    Yeah if he's going to do it no matter what I'd set him up with a vaporizer instead and teach him to use that, and how to to take the vaped weed and make edibles with it.
    Vapor high = In the head, energetic, ready to do stuff
    Edible high = In the body, sedative, relaxed
    At least get him in the habit of preserving his lungs from the smoke while his body is young and developing. Like I said before THC can have permanent negative effects on memory function if you smoke it while a teenager. For reference the tests involved in this discovery mostly had teenagers who smoked daily for years, but still.
    TL;DR, try to keep him from doing it till he's 18, if you can't then at least teach him how to avoid taring up his lungs.
  5. Is it worth the headache if it comes back to you?

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  6. Shit man i started smoking weed at 16 years old, and at times, i feel like id be in a better state of mind if i waited until at least 18 to do it.

    Sure marijuana isnt harmful, but his brain is far from being fully developed and it will influence his development significantly if je continues to smoke.

    I wouldnt buy it for him, if for any reason so id have a clean conscience.13 is such an impressonable age, and he might get the wrong idea of whats right and whats wrong, what with being allowed to do "drugs" and all? (i highly doubt he fully understands that marijuana isnt harmful like real drugs, so my point is valid)

    Can you spend time with him another way? Maybe play some sports or video games or whayever his hobbies are.$60 was a lot when i was 13, he could spend it in much better ways, including saving it.

    75% of the time on GC ill write out a post and read it back to myself and think "whats the point?" and delete it, before moving onto the next thread. Im gonna leave this one though. Hopefully something clicks for you OP

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    Not if. When. The kid is going to by carrying it around and bragging about his "piece" and he WILL get caught.  He's only 13.  He doesn't fully understand the consequences.  He will roll over after pressure from his parents and/or law enforcement (depending on who catches him AND If the parents bring the authorities into it).   Regardless of how we feel about Cannabis the facts are, he's a juvenile.  His parents entrusted you with his care.  You are betraying their trust.  Also, and once again, he's a child.  The only answer to this should be no.  The O.P. needs to start thinking like an adult because the consequences could be devastating.   
  8. As long as the kid doesn't announce to the world you bought it for him, do it bro. Let the kid have some fun. He's coming to you because he thinks you'll be cool and do it. You'll be the awesome cousin just don't buy him alcohol yet as young as he is lol.
    Yes, because looking "cool" is what's important here.  
  10. Why does this hungry skeleton post in all these threads? Does he actually think he is ripped? hahahaa.
  11. off topic, but that is untrue. Didn't they find that cannabis actually enhances brain cell growth? Maybe the smoke would be the only bad part, but only because breathing anything other than air is bad for you lol.

    I also think it's funny how everyone just assumed OP was gonna try ripping his cousin off. I was having a good laugh for a couple of pages here.

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  12. I didn't betray anyone, I asked for feedback,

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    If you buy a thirteen year old drug paraphernalia then you are betraying the trust his parents placed in you.  That's my feedback.  Like I said, the only right answer is no.   
  14. permanent damage like a more wider view of the world around us and the people we meet, yeah, you shouldnt do that

  15. Its probably better than him using some homeade garbage
    It's amazing how many people on this site refuse to believe MJ can have a negative side effect on anyone anywhere.
    Northwestern Medicine conducted a brain scan study to determine the effects of MJ on the brains of minors, teenagers who had smoked MJ regularly showed diminished size and even collapse of brain structures related to short term memory function. For the adults here it's no surprise that MJ has an effect on short term memory we've all experienced it.
    However for the developing brains of teenagers and children their short term memory can be forever damaged by it. Because their minds are still developing it's likely that MJ sort of curves that part of brain development in a negative way because of how it interacts with our memory.
    Think of it like those Chinese women who permanently change the shape of their feet by wearing tiny shoes.
  17. meh. i started smoking the summer before 9th grade, so i was around the same age. i never got caught by anyone until i was in college. dont just assume a kid is going to be bragging about it and get caught just because they are young.
    with that being said, i wouldnt assist a 13-14 year old family member in smoking. maybe when they are 16 or so id do it.
  18. The short term memory impairment certainly is a side effect. That being said I'm still glad I started when I did (10th grade) because weed has helped me through so much. OP, if I were you id talk to him first. Make sure he's at least semi responsible and not one of these wiz Khalifa kids. Tell him about responsible usage, and to not smoke with his parents around. Then get him high.
  19. i know you're supporting your claim with studies and what not but realistically, how many people do we all know that started smoking as a young teen and are just fine? most people start smoking before they are 18 and it doesnt seem to be making everyone into an idiot.
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    Hey man I'm just telling it like it is, I love MJ as much as anyone here but I don't want anyone messing up their body over it. That's why I advocate 3 things to everyone:
    1. Wait till you're 18
    2. Try and vape for the head high
    3. Use edibles for the body high
    No need to do any permanent damage if you don't have to. It's all peace and love man.

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