Am I doing the wrong thing?

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    Hey everyone. Have a story/question. So my cousin is staying with me for this week because his parents are getting separated... Anyway, he's only 13/14 years old and gave me 60$ to buy him a bubbler? I'm not sure if I'm going to do it, am I in the wrong if I did do it, or do you think it's no big deal? Thanks

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  2. I honestly need more information to tell you what I think.. like how often does he smoke, does he know what he's doing.. does he already have a pipe?
    13/14 is still young, even though if it was my cousin, I'd get it for him BUT also educate him so he doesn't get caught or do stupid shit
  3. Is it wrong that you are stealing $40 from a 13 year old whose parents are divorcing or wrong that you are buying a 13 year old a bubbler?
  4. his parents parents are separating so hes staying with you and hes only him off and its just another thing going wrong in his life, hes young and his folks are splitting hes probly pissed and blaming himself especially at that age
    How old are you? Do you have a job that you have your own money?
  5. Stealing? I said nothing of that.. He wants to give me money to get hima bubbler.

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  6. oh, i thought you meant he was giving you $60 but you were going to buy him a cheap (like $20) bubbler. No, don't buy him it. If he gets in any trouble for it, that will come back right to you.
  7. money in the bank why you pondering ripping off a kid, bad karma
    Good luck with that
  8. Oh and why would I rip him off what the hell? He's family

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  10. Bro you sound like shitty family
  11. What the fuck?

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  12. i don't think hes stealing the money from him... just wants to know if its moral for him too buy a bubbler for a 14 year old

    if he smokes often and has a pipe then i don't see why not. i had a couple pipes at 14, its young but he'll probably do it anyway. better for him to give the money to someone he can trust then trying to get some random to do it

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    My bad man im high and totally misinterpreted this thread as youre burning him lol sorry

    Yeah buy him it
  14. Buy him it and smoke him up too. Fuck having to go through a divorce as a kid

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  15. Nah, convince him that is no way to cope with his problems. He should wait until he is older and not use it as a crutch. :smoke:
  16. Dude, we learn responsible use at home from family and close friends. If he starts fucking up, it's your problem anyway. At least he's coming to you. Keep him on the straight and narrow. Teach him the ways of the blade young grasshopper!
  17. Damn man...I was laughing my ass off...!
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    If you're in the U.S. then I would say no.  If it gets back to his parents (especially with a separation going on) you could be in serious trouble.  Contributing to the delinquency of a minor is not what you need.  LEO's REALLY frown on that.  And don't think your own family won't throw you under the bus for leverage in the settlement/divorce/whatever.  I've seen it happen.  Just tell him you can't.  He can wait a couple of years.  
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    You might as well. I remember being 13/14 I used ghetto homemade shit, and when I finally got a real bowl I cherished it. Tell your cousin to take care of it and be safe with it. Don't run around with it or whatever. Let him know you're doing him a big favor and to be responsible. I was forever grateful to my cousin who bought me my first real piece of my own. I was 16, he was 18. Walked in the shop, bought two very cheap fifteen dollar bowls. I would kick his foot when the shop guy grabbed what I wanted. cousin got id'd. I didn't. But shop guy knew what was up.

    Anyway, do it op.
  20. Don't steal his money man, way bad juju.

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