Am i doing the right thing?

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    As of late I've started making money by taking aluminum cans out of people's recycling. I've been stopped by the police numerous times where I live, and each time I have to show them a copy of the city's ordinance that I've printed out from the public library. There is no piece of legislation outlawing this action, as of right now, and I can make more doing this than I could at any 9-5 job I've ever worked at, and it puts less strain on my body (I broke my neck and snapped my femur when I was 17), plus I can set my own hours. Last week, I pulled in almost $700 for less than 30 hours of work, which equals $23.34 per hour. Everything I make is tax-free, also.

    Should I feel bad that I'm ultimately stealing from the city, even though there isn't a law prohibiting what I'm doing?

    Please note: the city I live in has no homeless people whatsoever, in fact, it is just the opposite.

    EDIT: The city's urban population as per the most recent census is 49,880. Roughly 26% are millionaires.
  2. dude i gotta say i am fucking stoned that is all
  3. Well I mean there throwing them out anyways your just capitalizing on it and making a few extra bucks, Don't feel bad city's steal from us all the time.
  4. That's hella smart. Sounds like a good idea to me. I don't really see that as stealing at all.
  5. keep doin what ur doin, as long as you don't give a fuck about your pride you're all good.
  6. [quote name='"Qued"']dude i gotta say i am fucking stoned that is all[/quote]

    That's another good thing about my job. I can walk down the street smoking a j and collecting cans at 2 in the morning. :D
  7. I see no problem with it. I believe what McDonalds, all these banks, and insurance companies are doing is WAYYYYYY worse. You are a true American, capitalizing where he sees an opportunity to prosper.
  8. Thats a hell of an idea, good job.
  9. I've actually figured out a way to make over $100,000 a year on this little venture of mine, but that would just be greedy, then it would get outlawed in a heartbeat. I'll take more or less as I need it, what I take in now is more than enough money for a 22 year old.

  10. You are such a hobbit (as I mentioned in the thread you started). Anyway I would say there is nothing wrong with what you are doing however I would try and come up with a new name for what you are doing so when babes ask your occupation you can say something besides hobo trash collector, even if you do make bank.


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  11. yeah its bad a guy used to do that to all my beer cans and he was later arrested most likely illegally living in the us
  12. If they are saving them up to get their own money out of em then thats extremely fucked up. But if they are tossing em and not caring, your perfectly fine
  13. [quote name='"MarleyIsaLegend"']If they are saving them up to get their own money out of em then thats extremely fucked up. But if they are tossing em and not caring, your perfectly fine[/quote]

    Nah, I saved cans for a little while. Takes forever and I know I would've been pissed if somebody jetted off with my cans, so it's strictly recycling bins.
  14. Damn man, people should look up to you for truly not caring about what others think about them.
    As much as people say they don't care, only a few people actually don't care.
    I applaud you.
  15. Sounds like you have a legitimate all-American hustle to me. Go for it. I would. I see no moral nor legal problem with what you are doing. You may be ripping off "da' man" a little but that IS the American way. :) You are doing a good thing. You should be proud of yourself :)
  16. Wow, I wasn't expecting so much positive feedback. Thanks y'all :)

    I actually get excited every time I go on a run, which is more than I can say about any actual job I've ever had.
  17. How much do they pay for aluminum? I used to recycle cans with my father and we didn't get much per lb. I can't even remember but isn't it like 50 cents per lb? and it's like 40 cans for a lb.. I'm just confused at your return rate

    but if your making that much then go all out and try to get as much as you can
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    I wouldn't only stop at making it my job man...

    I'd make that shit my fucking career Are you kidding me? 20$/hr to walk around and pick up trash? Prisoners do that shit for free! God damn man I'm quitting my office job tomorrow and starting this up
  19. I get $0.60/lb. at the yard I go to, and average is around 30 cans per pound, so 500,000 cans = $10,000
  20. Damn. I mean why stop....seems like your pulling in a good amount of cash.

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