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Am i doing something wrong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WakeNBakeN420, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Well on saturday i got an 8th and by tuesday the 8th was gone,Now am i doing something wrong not grinding it porperly or something cuz my uncle got the same bud i did and he has higher tolerance and yet hes still smoking his 8th. When i grind i use a Shot glass and sissors he uses a grinder could that possibly b the reason he still got his cuz of his grindier makes it more fine then my Grinding method.

    Ive only been smoking about a month on and off so i dont think an 8th should go that fast for me am i correct?
  2. How many times have you smoked it? I personally just finished up an eighth that i bought 9 days ago (I have been rationing and smoking through a bong or GB so the bud is well conserved).

    I doubt you are doing anything wrong. I would try using a grinder or breaking the weed up with your hands though; i have never used scissors to break it up before
  3. Total times smoking id say about 10 times So far ive only bought a quarter and a 8th But yeah i use a pipe could that b y? I would use a bong but im not smoking out of plastic and i dont feel like getting busteds by the feds for possesion of a bong One of my friends jsut got busted for a bong and boy that didnt go so nicely.
  4. Get a nice dugout/one hitter if you want to really make it last.
  5. so a spoon or a chillum?
  6. Maybe your uncle just has less time to smoke because he is older and has a life. On an average day ill smoke about 4 grams... more or less if im feeling blunts or bongs.

    I dont see why your grinding method will somehow make you smoke weed faster. If you feel bad smoking a whole eigth in a day just conserve your weed by spacing out time between each session.
  7. Damn dude, an eighth lasted you that long?
  8. IDk i feel taht weed that isnt fine Burns faster and longer u get more of a hit Im jsut getitng a grinder and saving myself the trouble if i liek it i like it if not then fuck it. ya kno?
  9. it's all about how much u use

    uncle prolly smokes a lot less at one time than u do
  10. he smokes more then me actually ive blazed with him before it take him 4 huge bong rips takes me 2 so He does smoke more weed but Some how always outlasts me
  11. maybe you're shit is getting pinched?
  12. We use the same dealer and he weighs it infront of us.
  13. Thats what im thinking, your complaining an eight lasted you 4 days? an eighth will maybe last me 12 hours tops
  14. Just because he can smoke more in one sitting doesnt mean he smokes more on average than you. He could just be taking his 4 bong rips only once a day when you take 2 rips multiple times throughout the day.

    Also, in your previous post you said weed that isnt broken up fine burns faster AND longer. Im pretty sure thats an oxymoron since faster and longer are opposites. IMO weed thats broken up fine burns faster but gives thicker hits since more surface area of the bud is being burnt by the lighter.
  15. i didnt realize i said faster and longer. < it makes no sense wat so ever.
    But yeah i agree with u on the finer weed better hits theroy.
  16. u just smoke more then him my dad will buy an 8th and itll last him two weeks and it only last me two days
  17. #17 LeanTM, Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2009
    Take a T break. Or set an amount you can smoke in a day. Thats what I do, and it can really stretch the length of time you have herb. Also you should smoke efficiently, no joints/blunts/shitty-homemade. Ect, the list goes on, there is a lot you can do.

    Edit: spelling.

  18. Wat do u mean by set an amount. Like .5 grams per day? Maybe i smoke it faster cuz when i smoke i smoke till im Blazed and not jsut buzzed.
  19. Upping a picture in a sec, photobucket.
  20. Ummmm.
    smoke more.

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