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Am I doing something wrong?!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Maggiebite, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. I just bought my first vape and decided on the Arizer Extreme Q after reading a lot of great reviews. I am new to the whole vaporizer thing so I want to make sure I am doing it right and getting the most out of my investment. So, after watching a few videos I sat down and proceeded to bake using the whip. While I was quite impressed with the high, for a few reasons, I was soon very disappointed when after a short time I felt stone cold sober. I feel like I have to smoke more in order to stay high which goes against what everyone else says about saving money, smoking less herb, etc.

    So, I'm thinking I'm just not doing this right. I used a temp of 230C - no fan- and didn't have any smoke but I knew it was working from the taste and obvious high afterward. But just the fact that I didn't stay as high for as long as it seems I do when I use my bong or smoke a joint really aggravates me.

    Should my high last as long as if I smoked a joint? Am I not doing something right? Can anyone offer any tips or suggestions on how to make the most of my vape?

    Peace out!
  2. How much weed did you use? And how much do you normally consume when you smoke?
  3. Are you seeing any visible vapor? You should see a definite "smoke" like cloud on exhale.
  4. I would say that I used around 1/3 of a gram and that's what I usually smoke through my bong because that's what my bong bowl holds. I do know I didn't pack the vape as much as I do the bong because I had read that you shouldn't pack too tightly when using the vape.

    I didn't see any visible vapor the first time I tried but the second time there was visible vapor on exhale but only after turning the temp up a lot higher than recommended.

    I am planning on picking up some green this weekend so I am going to try again and take note of how long I feel high for.
  5. Did you pack it in the elbow screen? What was the overall color when you were done?
  6. Actually, no - I didn't know about that 'method' until after I did some reading. I will try that way once I get some more green. I thought that I wouldn't be able to pack much in there but I should be able to get as much in there as I do the bowl in my bong.
  7. OK so I bought some really nice Russian Kush last night and tried a little in my bong - VERY nice. Today I plan on doing a little experiment with the vape to see how long I stay high for. I am going use the same temp I used before - 230C - but this time I am going to pack the elbow as suggested by Nate489 above. I will record my findings here. Hopefully this time will be a longer lasting experience. :)

    Oh and just for the record, this will be the first high of the day so I will be starting of with a clean palette - so to speak. :D
  8. If you weren't stirring after every hit that's why it didnt last long. The elbow pack eliminates the need to stir pretty much. You'll see it darken in the middle and a few outskirt pieces will be green but idc since i cook with abv
  9. make sure you let the unit heat up for 10min or so with all the glass and herb attached (elbow pack) before you start hitting it.
  10. OK so here are my findings:

    Started smoking at 12:50 pm. Stopped at 1:20 pm but was high pretty much 15 mins in. This was elbow packed - long and slow draws on the whip. Felt like I needed a little lift again at 2:40 pm but I was still high. I think this isn't bad for very little green. That elbow doesn't take very much loosely packed. I don't know why I just can't shake the fact that I should be higher much longer after smoking the vape.

    Mr. Lahey: I didn't see your comment but that's something else I will try next time.
  11. You wanna pack it pretty tight. I put about .2 in mine

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