Am I doing something wrong?

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    Ok guys, so I have been consistently pulling a qp off 8 plants under a 400w hps my last 3 grows. I have been flowering clones 2 weeks after rooting.
    I am using the General Organics line with a soil mix of 40% peat, 50% perlite, 10% EWC and a bit of Happy frog.

    My plants always look beautiful, besides being a bit of a stretchy sativaish pheno of g-13 cheese, just don't put off the weight that I desire.

    Is a qp from 8 rooted clones under a 400 a respectable number or am I doing things wrong?

    I have some extra cash at my disposal, around 800 bucks that I would be willing to drop on upgrades to up my production.

    I currently have at my disposal 1-400w dig ballast, 1-400w HPS bulb, 1-6in air cooled hood, 490 cfm fan, phresh filter and duct silencer, multiple circulation fans, 1-250 watt feliz blue cfl that I have been vegging under.
    I will be constructing a new space for both flowering and vegging. Current space is 4x4x7 in flowering room, and 2x4x3 in veg room.

    As I said, I am open on suggestions and dropping the coin, if it will up my dry weights. I would like to be pulling at least 1-2 lbs every 3 months. What is that going to take?

    Thanks in advance to any replies
  2. more light.

    that is, as long as there's sufficient nutrients, CO2, water, and ideal temperatures, an increase from 400w to 600w or 1000w would increase yield by 50% or 150% in theory. We would pull easily 1-2 pounds off of 6-8 plants in a 4'x8' space with 2 1000w lights using GO and sunshine in an inefficient warehouse.
  3. also, genetics are everything.

    there's only so much yield you can get out of a strain, some have much higher ceilings than others.
  4. Sound advice Nick....
    When I went from 400 to 600 was a major improvement in yield....Possibly your 400 is not putting out the lumens due to bulb age etc...

    Recently have started using a 200 watt cfl(flowering)bulb in a simple lamp base, placed vertically in the center of 4 plants to increase yield and density on lower buds...
    Hope that helps.....

  5. That's another big one. If you're bulb has been hot fired at all it's way worth it to replace old bulbs.

    Also, a good myco treatment in veg (like bioag's VAM Endo Mix) can do a lot for yield. You could also mix your own soil and throw those bottles away :)

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