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  1. TO sum it up without posting a wall of text as usual like I do, My plants have been out in the wilderness since May 11th, and shown preflowers at 4 weeks in. I do not see any bud growth what so ever. Do I just have to be patient? My plants are Afghan Kush.

    Also the leaves that are attached to the stems the preflowers are also on look a darker shade of green than usual, their a bit crispy and some even dried up and split apart. On one plant the leaves are curing around themself they look like how a piece of DNA is spiraled.

    When I quit supplying them with Nitrogen (neem cake) this started to occur. SO today I gave them a handfull of neemcake each because every issue I have had with the leaves being green droopy or dried out neem cake fixed that.

    I also applied Plant Tone around the perimeter of the pots, about 1 TABLESOON for every 3 inches as the bag said. When I first applied Plant tone I had no buds, than I started to see a pinch of hairs growing from the preflowers, but none more grew so I feel as if I have to force them to bud by applying Plant Tone every week.

    So whats a good educated guess on why the leaves around the pre flowers are darker green, and beginning to become crispy, some of them even split.

    Also, I dont know what these are called but do you know what those long hairs that come out of the preflowers are? They are about 6 inches long and 2 milimeters thick they are also drying out and flaking off. The plant with this problem is NOT Afghan its bag seed.

    They do NOT need water their soil is moist and has been moist for the past week due to rain fall. Too much water is not the problem with the cracked leaves because this has been an on going problem long before it rained every other day.

    Thanks :)

    All that my plants have been given is Plant Tone, and Neem cake. I was going to have Alfalfa but I cant find it in my stores.
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    Hmm, I know they flower depending on the amount of light since their not auto flowering, but I thought that they take 2 months to flower, i thought this because the websites selling afghan kush say 8-14 weeks to flower. So even if its been 8-14 weeks no matter what they wont be producing buds till 12 hours daylight/12 hours night

    I was just thinking that since they been out for almost 2 and a half months buds woulda been growing by now. Guess I gatta wait till daylight hours decrease.

    There are not any actual buds just yet, but I noticed an increase in aroma around the grow and noticed little small balls of hair forming in the preflowers. My one plants got 24-26 preflowers, I cant wait to see what she yields :)
  3. Blackey, it's just early in the season yet. You won't really start to see owers until sometime in August.

    Patience, Grasshopper.

  4. Yeah, I just forgot about how they flower based on the light cycle. Although the Plant Tone did seem to do some magic I.E the balls of hairs swirling around in there. Gives me some extra time to get rid of the bugs before they start sucking the life out of my buds.

    Every time I spray some bug killer on my plants i forget to check the weather and it rains the day after >: (
  5. Pre flowers are a sign the plant is mature and not an indication it is flowering...
    When outdoors, nature will take it's course....Patience...
  6. Yeah I know, they had preflowers 4 weeks in.

    But my real main concern is the reason for the brittle cracked deeper green leaves that are on the same stem as the preflowers.
  7. ^^got pics....
  8. My plants autos? Nah. I know my Afghan Kush are not auto's, safe to say neither are my bag seed plants cuz their just pretty much, bulking up becoming more bushy. I'll have to find that daylight hours website and put in my location to find out when the daylight hours go down to 12

    I'm going to post pics if I can, I tried taking pics a few days ago but since my plants are so leggy and not bushy they look really skimpy and thin(only on camera), and the camera is shitty quality.
  9. Those hairs are pistils. . .like a Mary Jane vagina. . .they collect pollen from the males and thus, reproduce. Yay for ladies! But yes a light reduction on an outdoor grow is specifically up to nature, and only time will alleviate concerns. Good luck :)

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