Am I doing it right??

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  1. Had alot of advice to LST my plant she was very compact no side growth leaves were bending and forming matted together and twisted shapes I have never grown before and wish if successful could smoke some with all you who have helped me out waits all been on advice from you lot she's not in a tent as such a home made one of black bags and foil survival blankets she's under a 600w unbranded full spectrum and a 100w T5 that I circle round the plants lower regions she had 9 weeks on veg due to only having the T5 for 7 of those 9 ,she is small....had 2 days on 14/10 cycle started 12/12 on 24th August (3 days) she's had 3 litres feed in 2 separate days consisting of bloom and pk 13 14 and nano series soil flower she's also been foliage fed every 2 days with nano series anabolic plant roids....I believe 2 weeks before I will see any flowering?

    So in general am I LST the right way (no experience)??
    When should I see flowering signs and what am I looking for?
    Is there anything else I should be feeding her?
    pH levels are always 6/7 is this ok?
    I don't measure with humidity meter just wet spray walls and leave a wet towel in space will this suffice?
    And any advice you all have is appreciated....[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Better check that led distance..
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  3. She is 30cm above top of plant and have set up a 3 ring loops to change height during growth no burn as yet...what is the recommended height?

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  4. Varies on brand and model. I keep my 175 (actual wattage) led 12"-16"
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    Do you know the true watts it has?

    Seedlings 24-30 inches
    Veg 18-24 inches
    Bloom 12-18 inches

    Like mentioned you should raise your Light a bit I got my 600 7-8 inches from plants but in bloom only. Good rule of thumb put the top of your hand 6 inches down underneath the light for 15 seconds if your hand starts to feel warm it's going to be too warm for your plant. It looks like you have heat stress or light burn a bit. What's your temps? What soil are you using? What size tote are you growing in? your ph is fine between 6-7, put you need a Humidity gauge with the temps on there.[​IMG]

    Btw: Your saying your light is almost 12 inches from tops? It look closer IMO. I maybe wrong tho.
    Good Luck

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  6. I don't feel a whole lot of heat off her was told being unbranded prob only looking 150/200 true watts she's in cocoa and perlite mix and slow release fertiliser pellets I need a no light pic as I checked her and have seen no signs of burn at all possibly the lighting of picture . She's in a plastic toy box I drilled holes for drainage . Have no temp gauge at all so no idea

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  7. I was wrong I don't see any issues IMO anyway. If your Lst I see you have a net up I would try and open the middle up a little bit, so light gets down in the center. You topped her? Is it bagseed

    That's why people want to see your plant in the natural light lol. She looks Good I'm not familiar with Coco at all, people get Good results with it tho!

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  8. Just get yourself a temperature and humidity gauge Asap it's crucial in growing. you don't want to get heat stress, any hardware store Walmart even a grocery store will have a temperature and humidity gauge most of them anyway.

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  9. Topped 3 times and it's a 00 bubblegum feminised really small because was under just T5 for 7 weeks opened her up last night but had growth overnight so when I stick light back on those top ones will be tied down too I try not to enter during dark cycle at all

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  10. My last run was Bubbalicious and Aurora Indicia Femmed from Nirvana. Your right don't interrupt her darkness period. some check the temps/humidity when there in darkness. But I don't if I do it's totally dark in basement to open tent.

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  11. Taking your advice I have ordered a temp a new humidity meter and also a cheap ass carbon filter kit from China (I know it won't be the best but hoping for one will be suffice) should be here in next 3 days..


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  12. How many Cfms is that inline? That should do the job.

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  13. Probably dumb question too but are those small parts between leaves flower sites?


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