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Am i doing it right

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by N0VAK1NG, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. hey i was just wondering is it all right if my plants soil is wet/moist most of the time
    my plants are only 6cm tall and have 4 leaves on each

    the soil just wont dry so I'm not sure

    and if anyone could tell me how to get more THC on my buds Plz thanks :cool:
  2. How often are you watering?

    Im new to all this too but have done days upon days of reading here,you should be letting them dry to let the roots go in search of water ie-grow more!

    have you read about the weight/lifting method and training your mind that way to see when they need watering? overwatering will kill your plants dude,just my opinion im sure an expert will be around soon to help you further
  3. i water two times a day in the morning and be for i go to bed at least 17hr between watering

  4. I suggest you read and learn some more dude,your watering too often,its gonna kill your girls!!

    get a pot that your using and mentally remember the weight when there is only dry soil in it,you can then judge your own that way and water when it feels empty or when the soil is dry an inch or so from the top,i dont have all the answers man but i assure you that much watering will not do them good
  5. I was just about to say, i dont even grow but am about to soon so ive been reading up, you shouldnt be watering until the soil is dry. If its still moist by the time you go to water, dont water it.
  6. thanks everyone. love this site everyone is so helpful thanks
  7. stop posting threads nova because i dont wanna have to go to each one for every little question!!!!! smoke for life has some useful knowledge in the first post he made i dont know what the fuck hes on about weight lifting though lol. but you do not water unless the soil 3-4 inches below top soil is no longer moist! what you think your grannys rose bush grows because she has a daily water schedule, no! plants grow by sucking nutrients from the water up their stem and outwards to each branch and as it grows you add more water for each extra node you grow. if you continually water your either going to have a humongous root ball or your going to kill it, because it doesnt search for its water through its nutrient filled soil, it lays back and kicks it, and the first sign of trouble it will roll over and die, thats where you hear of training such as lst and what not to strengthen plants its not a myth!
  8. well do just need to ask the question I need to know thanks for all the help man

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