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Am I doing a good thing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JaysForDays, May 3, 2011.

  1. I don't smoke NEARLY as much as any of you. I live by myself in an apartment, and I feel as if I'm still getting high, VERY high in fact. But let's say I smoke every weekend, which would be normal unless I had a stressful work day. Are 5 day non-forced T-breaks helping at all? Or would it even matter if I just did it whenever during the weeks and weekdays. I believe my tolerance is still low because I've smoked just about once average every week. I really just feel like taking bong tokes almost every day after work, but I feel like I want to save all that "tolerance" for weekends with my friends.

    So I'm asking if not smoking every weekday is even helping my tolerance at all?

    Sorry I am actually pretty baked today, sorry if I'm rambling. 1st Monday toking since the summer :smoke:
  2. It is helping, but a few bong rips a day isn't going to up your tolerance THAT much. You really only see a steep increase in tolerance when your smoking multiple times a day.
  3. If your day is stressful, take ONE nice bong rip ONE...

    Up to THREE times weekly...

    for maximum results, in your situation...

    (not being sarcastic I'm just stoned)
  4. Stick to what you're doing...I think I passed the threshold of a t-break doing much outside of pissing me off. Once you pass that shit-line, there's no going back to the shit-border.
  5. your all good . take a few bong rips to relax

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