Am i doing a good job of getting over this bitch? when will i forget her?

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  1. Ive had plenty of relationships. But she was the first i really invested my heart into. We went out for more then a year. Im only 18 so thats pretty long in high school years.

    Im having some trouble getting over her. Its been 6 months. The first month i was fuckin girls and partying. Im over that stage. Im in a relationship with another girl. But i still think about her. Sometimes i just wonder why she lied about loving me. Other times i just think about how we really are better apart. But most of the time i just think of what i would apologize to her for.

    The thing thats holding me back is i cant talk to her. Me and her cousins had a shootout that was kinda over her. So i cant have any contact with her. Court order. And she has parents who probably have spyware on her phone and computer. They really hate me. And were super excited when we broke up. So im not even gonna risk trying to talk to her. Her friend sent me a text but i ignored it.

    I cried the day we broke up. No tears since. But sometimes i feel a bit of sadness. So how am i doing? Like i said this is my first real breakup. I never really talked to another girl except her.

    Do you think she still thinks about me? Probably not. I sound like a fuckin female.
  2. Welcome to real life. its not the first time you will experience heartbreak. If you dont take a look at what you did wrong and change that, then life will suck and so will your relationships. I speak from experience. I am an asshole when it comes to long term intimate relationships. Today, i do the women a favor  by leaving them the hell alone. I used to point the finger at the girls, when all along it was my fault. Today I have peace.
  3. Yea i feel you. Me and her were not meant to be. She was a liar. But i chose to ignore that cuz i wanted her to be perfect.

    But it was my fault too. I was way too controlling. And the whole reason that i am controlling is because IM A CHEATER. I didnt cheat on her till the end. But i was so used to cheating i couldnt except that she could possibly be faithful. I think thats what drove us apart.

    But i learned a lot. The funny thing is i broke up with her at least 5 times during that year. And each time she cried. And begged. And said we had to make it work because she was SOOOO in love. And i let that bullshit get to me. The next time i break up with a girl and she tries that im calling the cops on her for harassment.
  4. It's crazy how sometimes we are so blinded by infatuation and we will literally pull the wool over our own eyes and put our significant others on this pedestal, thinking they can do no wrong. It's a trap. I've definitely fallen victim to that one before. 
    But OP, you will forget about her when you finally allow yourself to. Is she the type of person who helped you become a better person and achieve your personal goals? Did she motivate you? Or did she hold you back? You don't have to answer these questions, but maybe just think about them. I'll let my crushes blind me sometimes, but then I take a step back and realize that if I didn't invest so much time into thinking about these broken relationships, I would have so much more time to get shit done that I actually want to do in life. And you just need to find that person who needs you just like you need them.
    You're still so young. I wouldn't sweat it. Just live, man!
  5. She tried to motivate me. But really she was holding me back. I spent all my time and money on her. All i did was work and hangout with her. Dumped most of my friends for her.

    She was a good girlfriend. A shoulder to cry on. And she helped me through a lot of shit. If she called right now and asked for my help i would be there in a second lol.

    But i guess this is really for the best. We had just as many bad times as good ones. And the one thing i cant stand is dishonesty. Youre right. I need to get a new hobby. Or a real job at a fast food.joint or something. Get her off my mind.
  6. you want what you can't have
  7. When you say "shoot-out", are you referring to actual guns with actual live rounds?  :confused:

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