Am I dealing with tmv

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  1. Soil is happy frog. The real terrible looking plant has super slow growth. Has acted like this from seedling. Have treated with nutes but mostly just feed straight water.
    The other healthier pics are off cuttings and worried now that it may have spread.
    Be glad to give any more info on how I'm doing things around here

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  2. Looks like it because of how deformed and wild the leaves, I've not seen it first hand on a cannabis plant, but on zuchinnis it spreads by contact and shows noticeable signs within a week and then 2-3 weeks later, will look as distressed with huge noticeable signs as your plant in the first picture. So if you've been handling others and it hasn't spread, it may be something else.
  3. Hmm well I have been handling other plants and been thinking they may be showing signs but could be paranoid. Either way I think getting rid of that plant is my best bet

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