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  1. Here's my first plant under 10 weeks of 12/12. I smoked a small taster quick dryed last night and oh it did do the trick. I'm wondering how soon can I chop her down?

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  2. the only way to know is to check the trichs. if you see a good percentage of amber trichs, she's ready.

    is it just the pics or are her buds not filled out? she doesn't LOOK ready in the pics

    it almost looks like your plant has had too much nitrogen, which can slow the flowering process
  3. read the toxicity part and see if you think that may be it. I could be wrong though, it could just be the pics, but 70 days flowering is pretty far for an indica

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  4. I think too much nitrogen could be the problem. I can not find any nutes with 0 nitrogen. Should I just stop feeding and see what happens? Also I'm pretty sure she's a sative from her red stems. I understand sativa's take a little more time. Almost all the tricomes are white, haven't noticed any amber. As fasr as the buds filling out, this is my first grow so I really don't know what filled out is. I mean I see pics on here and in High Times, but I thought that could be strain specific. In other words right now I'm smoking trainwreck and an unknown haze. The haze buds are very long and skinny, not unlike my bag seed plant, the trainwreck are really thick fat buds, so I thought bud "fullness" might be genetics as well as growing. About half of the pistils have turned rust color and like I said a small taster, got me a good buzz. I guess I'll just let it go another week and see from there. I won't usew any nutes but I'll use molasses. Problem is I'm almost out of smoke and if I were to chop now, by the time I was out I would atleast be have them dryed and starting to cure. Guess I'll just have to be patient and see if I can get a bag of something besides mid to hold me over. Thanks for your response.
  5. Koolbloom by general hydroponics is 9-10-10. Im using it right now and by buds filled in nicely in a weeks time. Guano Tea ( Bud swell) will do the same. Im on last day of 5thg week of flowering and I will wait for as long as it takes to get to amber trichs.

    Most of all, just let plant take its course. You will be happy. Just be patient.
  6. Well today I picked up some Green Light Super Bloom 12-55-6, so I gave her a feeding. When she dries out I will giver her a flush and hopefully by the time the flush dries out i can be chopping. We will see. Looks like ill have to be making some phone calls soon, hopefully somebody will have something besides regs and mids.

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