Am I burning more power than I need to be?

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  1. So at the moment I have 2 seeds germinating. Hawaiian Snow is about 2" tall, and Thai Skunk hadn't sprouted last time i checked (around 10 hours ago). They are both in 3 gal. pots mixed with 80% Miracle Grow Fertilizer (with time release i guess) and 20% perlite. I've been watering with water with a pH of 7.4 (ish) - its hard to be precise with those damn strips.

    So to my question, at the moment I have a total of 10 60W CFL's on the plants 18 hours on and 6 off. I figured that was the amount I wanted when the plant was an adult, and when i was constructing the box i decided to do everything at once. So now i am sitting here, 5 or 6 days since planting the seed and rockwool cube into the soil, and im wondering if I need that much light hitting the plants. I mean one light should work for each plant right? Im thinking of turning it down to 3 lights per plant for now, then turn the others on when it grows a bit bigger.

    I'll point out a few things Ive learned since starting my first grow. Its not as easy as one thought to have a super concealed grow box and also have a grow box that gets lots of fresh air and lots of light. I am growing in an investment house my family owns. This is difficult because if the house is visited at night by any one of my parents and there is a cabinet glowing in the corner they will be suspicious. Especially if said cabinet is locked has obvious security features.

    Another is fresh air. Since the home is not lived in a fan running in a room would be suspicious. I can mount a fan INSIDE the grow box(and actually have), but when the plants are larger i am not sure that the box will have sufficient ventilation. But i don't have to worry about that yet for the plants are still quite small.

    I am also going to need to pick up a digital electrical timer. the mechanical one i bought at home depot is way too loud and makes this quite loud ticking noise. again, the home is not lived in, so the timer is louder than you'd think.

    So here are some pictures.

    Grow box in development:

    Its first location:

    Grow box in its first location, yea...that was inconspicuous, I had to relocate it.

    Here are the plants in the closet because i had to disassemble the cabinet because my mom was at the house and that NEVER happens. I was like, "my fucking luck, the morning after i build a grow area my mom goes there after like 3 months of not setting foot there.


    A little better, but I still needed to build something that light did not emit from:


    So what I've ended up doing is buying doors for the cabinet. Found two pieces of 1" thick particle board with white laminate on both sides for $1.10 at home depot. They were scraps and both were the EXACT measurements I needed (27 3/4 X 49 1/3") how crazy is that?!?

    I relocated it into the downstairs laundry room, and there is a perfect little nook behind the door opening. I put the same cabinet from upstairs in the nook and it fit perfectly. And when the door to the room is open it almost completely hides the nook and therefore the grow box.

    Here is a little drawing of what I have going on, with some additions that i will be adding today.

    One obstacle I can foresee is trying to get the doors to match up perfectly.
  2. lol.
    i love closets that look like that in third pic. i have one too.

    it looks like doctor who is about to walk out of it xP

    as for the actual question;
    yeh you dont need 600w for seedlings. 100w each will be more than plenty.

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