Am I blinded by average results and marketing? Advanced Nutrients

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  1. When I first started growing, I was growing organically in soil with Age Old nutes.
    Ever since I tried Advanced Nutrients Sensi 2 part systems, I was hooked and and since began using their products almost exclusively. I am looking to modify my regimen to prepare for my industrial grow in Colorado and was looking to use the entire Grand Master Growers line from Advanced Nutrients. But the more and more I read reviews, the more I see that people say AN is just great at marketing and their products are overpriced. Granted, they are pricey but show great results, and i LOVE the pH perfect series, makes life so easy.
    The main statements that really have gotten to me are that nutrient companies are making 2 and 3 part mixes with boosters and additives just to get more money out of our pockets, and that companies like Dyna Gro are basically all inclusive and need very little modification to achieve maximum results.
    Anyone out there that can legitimately testify on either side of this issue? I'm honestly close to cancelling my order for the AN line and just switching to Dyna Grow if this is true. Not worth paying $300 for 10 different bottles if Dyna Gro can truly do it in one.
    Have I really been this blinded by the marketing? 
    Here's a video thats really compelling towards dyna grow, granted it looks like he only used the AN base nutes. 

  2. Also I do apologize for bringing back a popular topic, but as time advances.. so do opinions and general knowledge.
  3. no worries. dyna-gro is very old company and therefore has some credit. but from what I've heard, some nutrients cannot be immediately mixed together, because certain ions and nutrients form cohesive bonds, bind, and then are unusable by the plant. IMO it shouldn't be more than 2 different parts. I've never seen any three part formula end up better than what I've been able to do with a two part. just my .02
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    I'm really at the tipping point after reading how much dislike there is for AN out there. I have always loved them but i've never strayed away and have always felt comfortable pouring out money for it because I saw what I thought were good results. Such a hard decision!
  5. if it aint broken dont try to fix it, if its working well for you, thats all that matter, I use a lot of diff nutes in the pass and currently using AN, they are pricey, but I do see some differences while vegging, now in flowering, we'll see :)
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    Then let me make it easy for you. How about those AN business practices, anyway? Would you entrust your money and precious ladies to a company whose ownership has recently been arrested in eastern Europe, for sodomising a little girl (under 12)? How about putting fifty cents' worth of epsom salt in a bottle, calling it 'Bud Factor X' and then charging you NINETY BUCKS?!

    Or, in order to keep doing this to hydro store customers even when their owners know better, AN institutes a series of 'purchasing policies' that force store owners to buy large quantities of AN nutes in order to get other stuff the company sells, like Badass ballasts, etc. Nice guys!

    Here's where it gets even easier... repeat after me;

    That's it. That's all you need to feed your plants to have great success. And, those ingredients are in damn near every fertilizer out there, so why choose the most expensive?! Us professionals have known better for decades now!

    Look for;
    Jacks professional hydroponic mix, 5-12-26, about $45 for a twenty five pound bag of dry nutrient salts. How much is that? 25lb=11.3kg/4g/gallon=2850 gallons of nutrient solution. Should hold ya.

    Calcium nitrate, about $40 for a fifty pound bag
    Use this at 2.4g/gal and it may well last until your dotage

    Epsom salt, from the pharmacy section at the grocery store, about $7 for 4lbs. Use this at .5g/gal

    While you're at the store, grab a bag of table sugar. .5-1g/gal of this during the last week with half strength nutes or less and you can call it 'Finally Flushed AN where it belongs!'
  7. Fabulous! This is exactly what I was looking for, wonderful post, thank you so much!

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  8. I'm not done yet, either. You're coming to Colorado, right? If so, I have a manufacturer in Colorado springs who does the same thing JRPeters does, and if you drive there you'll save the shipping cost... and get more nutes on the cheap;

    MKP = 0-50-30 bloom booster. Pay silly amounts at the hydro store for cupfuls, or buy 50 lbs for $72.00. FIFTY POUNDS That will hook you and all your friends, neighbors and anonymous rose gardens up for LIFE!

    PM me, bro. Colorado is MY State, lol- I know how to find anything you need. Cheap.
  9. I live in Colorado currently. Send me a pm with the info?

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