Am I being too harsh on my friend?

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    I noticed something was "off" about him when we first met, but I was new in town, needing someone to help me meet people and show me the spots. I was drawn to him because he had a longboard and I needed to get in touch with the skate community and find hills. What bugs me is that he is a compulsive liar, not about things that matter, but inconsequential things like his party experiences and sex life (the usual young male falsehoods) but mostly bragging about his skate prowess. Telling me that he could hit the fastest hills in town and even being so bold as to tell me he was a professional. He's a great friend other than this, but he's hard to listen to, as I never know what to believe. He usually invites me over with the line "Let's skate, but come over to smoke first." and then tries desperately to dissuade me from of skating. I've started inviting him to the big hills, my logic being "If he says he can, we shall." He is never in bodily danger, as he just walks down what he can't handle, but he seems bored sitting in the rain (occasionally not in the rain, Oregon[​IMG]).

    Bottom line: Is it unreasonable to take my compulsive liar friend to hills he says he can skate but ends up walking down?

  2. Not unreasonable at all. If the dude says he is pro the he should be fine. If I were in your shoes I would give him a hard time about him lying but thats just how I deal with liars.
  3. tuant him a little with his lies..... If he brags about blazing down hills like a pro, then no. not unreasonable to make him eat his own words


  4. and asphalt![​IMG]

    I wouldn't normally laugh at someone eating it, but for cocky kids...karma at its finest!

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