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Am I being safe enough?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingCantaloupe, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Ok so I am a college student who indulges in a nice little marijuana habit. I live in dorms and there is no way to get away with smoking in the rooms. People try, and people fail. I am blessed with a car and it's convenient to go park in an alley or secluded place and smoke in. But I'm still always sketched out about being rolled up on by police. SO. When I drive I keep all my supplies and stuff in a bank deposit bag. It has a pop up lock on it and can't be opened without a key, which I keep on me but am prepared to ditch because I have a spare. That bag is kept behind textbooks in my glove compartment, but that compartment is located behind the passenger seat (in a 2 seater) that locks with the car key. So my stuff is always locked up twice, double hidden, and in smell proof containers inside the bag. If I get rolled up on and everything goes in the bag before the cop gets to my window, and I lock the bag and ditch the key in a small but SUPER HIDDEN compartment in my car, can he open it legally and physically? Can he make me open it? Secondly, if I'm driving around and get pulled over and it's all stashed away as described, how far could they get in a search? Can they make me open the glove compartment? Can they make me open the bag? Just want to know my rights.

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  2. a cop cant open any locks without permission from you, or a warrant.

    youre over thinking it way too much imo. what state are you in anyway? most places it isnt even more than a ticket anymore for personal amounts
  3. why not park in the student parking lot where there are LOTS of other cars and smoke? Inconspicuous and no one is going to look for a person in a car in a parking lot. Just be aware for the meter maids or whatever they are called. That is what I have done.
  4. I'm in Alabama, so it's kind of scary. Conservatives do NOT like drugs down here at all. I never drive with more than a gram at a time either.

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