Am i being ripped-off

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  1. Is 3Gs of Lemon haze worth €40?
    I usually get 2Gs for €30 but it feel like I'm getting ripped-off by my dealer, I'm new to smoking so I don't know alot about buying.
  2. it depends heavily on the area. it's not an outright ripoff but it is on the expensive side. in a ideal world you want to pay 10 bucks per gram an 8th (3.5 grams) should be 35 bucks. but that's an ideal situation. your definitely paying a lot of money and your dealer may be taking advantage of how knew you are but no more so then any salesman would. as you get more experienced you will probably find better prices.
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  3. For single grams:

    $5 and under = it's probably got something wrong with it or is shake (unless buying big bulk)
    $5-$10 = 10 per gram is fine for singles... Q's, half, and oz's will probably be discounted to around $7/g
    $10-$12.50 = I'll pay as long as it's good bud
    $15 = only if mildly desperate
    $20-$25 = better get me baked off my ass in one hit or I've been craving a smoke for months and it's my only chance to burn... which hopefully should never happen.

    For the average stoner with no crazy connects (prices depend on location) here's about what you should pay if buying in bulk:

    2G's should run you between $20-$25, but I see lots of people doing it for $30 if they're $15/g.
    3.5G's will be anywhere from $25-$45, $50 depends on how desperate, $60 is a no-no.
    7G's... $50-$80, anything over $85 is pricey.
    14G's = $90-$140, $170+ is no bueno.
    28G's = $180-$250... quality of bud really plays into account here.
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  4. I would have to go with Dr. Natty Light on how it generally cost.
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