Am I being paranoid?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bgibs, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. so I just ordered an entire hydroponic set up off amazon with my name and card and I shipped it to my parents house (not where I live). I then began reading online that the government monitors purchases and that they could subpoena for my credit card history which would then maybe lead them back to my appartment some how. While I didn't ship the equipment to my place I did ship the seeds so now I'm freaking out and quickly becoming discouraged. I only plan on growing 1 plant maybe 2 at a time. Any insight?

    Edit: so I began to get so anxious that I went back on Amazon and ordered some tomato seeds :3
  2. I did the exact same thing. No problems at all. I ve ordered seeds from 3 different banks all to my house. No problems

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  3. Good to hear! Curse my habitual over reading :confused:
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  4. It's not illegal to have cannabis seeds, it's illegal to germinate them

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  5. Same thing here in CA, although I'm a patient so at the end of the day it would take the feds. I would say if your doing 1 plant, your energy use should be low and not raise any flags. I would be more concerned with neighbors smelling your meds or company.

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  6. Also not to mention it's getting warmer and around this time our electric goes up from the AC anyways so that's not too worrisome for me. What I'm worried about is the fact that I literally ordered all the essentials at once with my card such as grow light tent ducting filter and fan and soil and ph testing kit
  7. Good Lord. Get hold of yourself. Do you REALLY think the government has enough resources to be devoted to scouring the internet for hydroponic grow purchases??????? NOT. Believe me, they've got more important things on their plate right now than to give a flip what you're doing. I've been ordering stuff off Amazon and having it shipped to my house for years now....with a credit card, etc., and never, not once have I had any issues from anybody. All packages come wrapped from Amazon in a plain brown box shipped from Amazon. You really have to get down on that label and read to see where exactly the boxes came from and what they are...which there is no way they could tell by a label anyway. YOU'LL BE FINE!!!!! TWW
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  8. Lol. This isn't like the old days. Chasing home growers looks awful in the press, is waaaay too expensive, and the current administration has stated that they won't be wasting resources on those sorts of busts.
    Of course that could all change per the upcoming election...

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  9. That is good to hear but the only things I was able to put in the Amazon box was the grow tent and ducting. The light and fan are coming as is and so is the soil and perlite
  10. I mean like I said I plan on growing 1-2 plants max for personal use. It'd be pretty petty for them to do such a thing.
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  11. forget Petty. That would be completely dickish and downright evil!

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  12. So to put my mind at ease you would say I'm all goodie?
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  13. What causes your paranoia?
  14. Hell yes. I've been doing this for just about a year. I've ordered seeds internationally, supplies from Amazon and equipment from Canada. Most of the blades here are not from the northwest or Colorado and these people have been doing it much longer than I have without a problem. Your concern is healthy but unwarranted. ;)

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  15. The fact that i bought and shipped a complete grow set up under my name
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  16. Thanks man I appreciate it. Panic averted :)
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  17. You smoke too much sativa or something? People order grow sets for home grown foods all the time.
  18. Percisley lol. I do own a medical marijuana card but cultivation is not allowed. The prices are absurd. Like 500 an oz
  19. Haha okay man, u should be totally fine. And 500/oz? That's fucking crazy. I don't even want to pay 200-350/oz at my dispensaries. Mostly cause I smoke oil
  20. Yeah im not from the west and things where I live are fairly new so maybe it will take time but shit it's just not worth it.

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