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Discussion in 'Security' started by WhiteLightWH, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. not wanting to have a digital pH test pen mailed to my house after ordering it online? Obviously, I know the rule to not get seeds shipped to a house you are growing in; but what about things like pH testers? Is the general consensus thst you shouldn't have anything of the sort mailed to a house that you are growing in?

    I'm eager to order this milwaukee ph-600 (with calibration solution included) that I found for a good price online, so I will be checking often for replies. Thanks for any insight to my question.
  2. Also, along the same lines, has anyone ever ordered from They have a really good deal on a digital 1000 watt hps/mh switchable ballast system by ipower. If you have ordered grow lights online at all, would you get them shipped to a house you are growing in? Grow lights seem more risqué then a pH tester but I thought I'd ask none-the-less.
  3. PH testers are used by more than just cannabis'll b alright haha
  4. Never ordered from there. As for your shipping how is a ph pen illegal? How is anything other then the cannabis illegal? Its all commonly used tools for growing anything from tomatoes to green peppers.

    As for myself I have everything shipped to my place. Having it shipped elsewhere is 1..shifting the blame...willing to allow someone else to get in trouble for your seeds but not yourself. 2. Flawed logic thinking that some PO box is safe to ship something to and the owner will not turn you in.

    Post 9/11 world nothing is off limits and theres nothing they do not know. Do some reading up on the rumors of what the NSA's super data center in UTAH will be doing. Everything and anything will be stored there indexed to individuals from text messages to silly posts like this so basically when they pull Jon Doe up they have a total complete picture of you from infant to what your doing now.

    Whats interesting is there intent is to link you like Facebook to everyone else you know. So basically they see the web of everything your connected to.
  5. I had my entire grow op delivered. Ordered all the same day from different shops and over the span of a weed I was besties with delivery drivers. A couple asked what was up, since I rarely get packages. "Working on a project" and conversation is over. Most places advertise plainjane looking shipping.

    I agree whole heartedly with RR's opinion on using an alternate address. Either you're comfortable enough to order or you aren't, and you should be comfortable enough.
  6. Both Ph pens and hid lighting are used in advanced aquarium setups as well. No reason to worry about either of them. I have been ordering lights, chemicals, and various meters for years. Never had any problems.
  7. Thanks for reaffirming what I already knew; I am a over paranoid person by nature I guess.

    After reading these responses, I went ahead and ordered myself a Milwaukee ph-600 and some cal/mag and tiger bloom. Counting the minutes until the stuff gets here. It's crazy how often one will check the tracking number on a package when you are really anxious to get it in. Haha
  8. Im a tracking # checker myself, sometimes if its a big purchase I track it few times daily!
  9. Make sure to keep that probe on your ph meter moist. I keep mine in a old prescription bottle and change out the liquid regularly. I also use an old toothbrush to keep it clean, don't go scrubbing the shit out of it though. Oh and you may want to connect a tether to it as well so you don't go dropping that shit in a rez.

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