Am I being a spoiled brat?

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  1. Today is my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. For the most part our relationship has been great other than a few incidents with him lying to me about girls (nothing too fucked up, just stuff like lying about his scumbag ex stopping by to pick up a bag and him lying about doing stuff with other chicks in the past). I got us tickets to see Infected Mushroom as a gift as well as a personalized gift and we're splitting the cost of a heated cabin suite out in the mountains.

    I was mad excited about getting him those gifts but he didn't seem to appreciate them too much. He got me a new bowl, it's pretty sweet and smokes pretty good. I like it, it's not the most expensive gift (I spent a lot more on him) but I appreciate it and I appreciate him.

    Today he had to work and I asked him if we were going out to dinner. He said he didn't really have the cash and I got a little bit fed up. It's our one year anniversary and I'm tired of being the only one in the relationship who earns a decent paycheck and goes to school. I'm twenty and he's eighteen by the way so that could have something to do with it.

    Am I honestly acting like a superficial girl? I don't want to be like that but I wish he'd take me out more and kind of hold his own in terms of being ambitious and making money.
  2. hes 18 what did you sexpect?
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    You're being a superficial bitch. Nothing guys hate more than bitches bitching about bitch cash. fucking bitches quit bitchin.

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  4. What he said.

    Slightlystoopid is awesome and infected mushrooms played here couple weeks ago keke.

    On topic. You are way more mature, chill out on the showering with gifts he might be there just to get shit. Thats one point of view heh. Good luck and no your not being spoiled your spoiling him .

    Bur it is your anniversary and he can't even cook a dinner atlease...
  5. You said it yourself: you're twenty, and he's eighteen.

    You might be rushing shit too quick for him.
  6. Maybe he just doesn't have the cash to take you out to dinner at the moment? Respect that.
  7. if you were my girl we would break up today. i can't stand girls like that "i spent way more" "he said he didn't have the money and i just got fed up."

    not all guys want to take there girl out everywhere having to pay for everything. hell i've never even taken a girl out to eat fuck that she can come over my house if she's hungry she can make us sandwich.
  8. my gf got mad at me for not paying for enough stuff, put a lot of pressure on me, and we broke up because i was making mistakes left and right because i was so stressed out.

    cut him some slack, he's 18. my ex-gf was 21 and i'm 19 and it's the exact same deal. shouldn't date younger guys if you can't handle the slight immaturity.
  9. trust me never spoil your girlfriend or boyfriend then they just want more or you expect more from them
  10. theres other ways you guys can enjoy your anniversary that doesn't involve spending money! blaze a shit ton with your new bowl he got you and then cook dinner for each other at home or some shit. you don't have to spend money.

    for me and my boyfriends two year anniversary a bunch of our friends came over and we all got super baked and then after they left after an hour or so me and him got more ripped, made passionate love, and ate a bunch of food at his house. it was fabulous, i suggest you do the same. :smoke:
  11. Fuck the money!

    I'd say it's superficial just to consider the money aspect, yes...

    But as long as he's nice to you today, and tries his best to treat you well (and be romantic), than I'd forgive him and say all is good :)
  12. It's your one year anniversary not ten calm the he'll Down .. Can't you have a good time at home without spending all of yours and his money ? Seriously! Your on GC so you must be a stoner girl and he bought you a bowl he must be a stoner guy ... If you want a boyfriend who has Alot of motivation and likes to leave the house alot you should have maybe nit picked a stoner? Seriously we like to kick back and sit at home . Going out on dates n shit is an inconvinience for most guys . I treat my girl sometimes but serve been together for four years and I still don't like dates and stuff . I mean i don't mean to sound harsh but he's a stoner ! And a teenage boy! Deadly combination , good luck finding a teenage boy thats a stoner and isn't lazy and outgoing . He will grow up one day just be patient .
  13. Obviously you have a different definition of what you want and what you appreciate. It's my experience that women value different things than men.

    If you do something for him and you expect him to appreciate it you're doing it wrong. If you start attaching value like that you're measuring what you care about in terms of things.

    You can't just give someone something, and then blame them for not appreciating it. Then you're making it about getting the satisfaction of knowing they appreciate you, not the gift. Or rather, the gift is just a way for you to get what you want - the satisfaction of being appreciated. He doesn't appreciate it because he probably doesn't give a shit about whatever it is you got him.

    You can't change people to make them what you want, or to give you what you want. If you want a boyfriend who appreciates those things you have to find one, not the change the one you're with.
  14. He is a guy. That's all that i can really say.

    He's not going to drop to his knees and thank you with a diamond tennis bracelet. He got you something he'd know you'd like and he loves you... that's all you fucking need.

    If you want more then go look for a different dude.
  15. How do you know he doesn't appreciate it? Because he said he didn't have money to take you out? That doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate it, that means he doesn't have money.

    Chill out dude he's fucking 18 years old. I'm sure he's doing his best, at least he got you something. Just appreciate that he got you something he knew you'd like and be happy. If you want someone who will always have money, will give you lots of gifts and will take you out more then get an older guy with more money or a guy that likes going out.

    Maybe he doesn't know you want to go out more... have you told him?
  17. I promise I won't get mad, or report, or anything like that.

    Pls tell the joke, I'm dying to hear it.
  18. [quote name='"daltonmc"']You're being a superficial bitch. Nothing guys hate more than bitches bitching about bitch cash. fucking bitches quit bitchin.

    Name-Calling/Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR[/quote]

  19. I don't know if you being like this is called 'being superficial', but you're not being abnormal, that's for sure.

    You're a female, and it's normal for females to do that.

    And don't worry. It's nothing bad, or nothing you shouldn't do.

    Guys should use this as a motive to work harder.

    Just don't over do it.

    Just the right amount...
  20. Regardless of what people say, I don't think you're being superficial. It seems like a dick move to not tell you ahead of time he didn't have the money. About the cash though, he is only 18 not unusual for people about that age to be short on cash flow :). As for the gifts he should appreciate them, you didn't have to give him anything, should be the thought that counts.

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