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Am I baked or did someone steal my bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlankIT, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Sup blades, so yesterday I was getting done doing some BHO runs and taking dabs out of my bong. I was chillin in my room testing the final product and went to take a shower - NOT REMEMBERING WHERE I HAD PUT MY BONG - I don't usually leave my glass where it's not supposed to be, and my propane torch was right beside where i had last taken my dab.. Alright, i get out of shower and go to the gas station to get gas - by the way NO one was home during this time, so nobody could of taken it, I've looked everywhere possible throughout my whole house and can't find my bong and ti nail anywhere, It's gotten to the point where i've given up, as there's no where else I know it could be, should I keep looking, or should I just give up and count it as a loss? I doubt someone would come into my house, steal my bong/ti /without/ taking the bowl piece that was right next to it, and the 4gs of bho laying in the most obvious spot..
  2. its those dmt sky elves maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, stealin everyones bongs
  3. That's so rediculous lmao. While I highly doubt someone just broke in and only took your bong, IF they did, they might not of even know what the BHO was, you know? I sure as hell wouldn't know if I had no idea BHO existed.
  4. Did you check the bathroom? lol but seriously I have no idea.. Sounds kinda weird.
  5. Have you tried sitting where you were, and re-creating the situation? Try thinking "hmm, it seems unsteady/unsafe here, so I think I'll put it......" and see if you can finish the sentence. :)

    One time, the same happened to me... after a few days, I (jokingly) accused my better half, who was admittedly a bit clumsy at times, of secretly breaking my bong then throwing out the pieces to hide the evidence. :devious:

    Not long after, I remembered that I was running out of safe places to put my glass as the collection grew, so I randomly wrapped it up in a towel and stashed it in a large drawer with a bunch of sweaters I never wore. :eek: :D
  6. It's in the shower.

    This is a brain teaser? Right?
  7. There was a thread yesterday about someone losing their bong...I never knew this happened to so many people lmao. I must not be getting high enough because I've never lost mine hahaha
  8. Ah I see the underpants trolls have stepped there game up...
  9. I guess I shouldn't say 'the same', exactly... I had been using some newer glass for a few weeks or months, then decided to go 'retro' and use my oldest glass bong, when I realized I couldn't remember where I'd stashed the darn thing because all my new glass had been steadily hogging more and more of my usual storage spots. :p
  10. Did you check the freezer? I don't know why but stoned people always leave shit in the freezer.

  11. Thats a good shout, or the fridge like when i have the munchies i always leave stuff in there
  12. Lol I did this with my bag of weed while smoking. I put it down after I packed it in my room and after the bong wan done I looked for it for like 30 min and finally found it lol. I went to the bathroom during that time so I was very confused
  13. Get high and you'll remember

  14. I put nutella in the freezer once... :smoke:

  15. this, you needa use your stoned recall
  16. thanks guys but i've been taking multiple, and by multiple i mean probably a hundred dabs since i've lost this piece/nail. oh well.
  17. [quote name='"BlankIT"']thanks guys but i've been taking multiple, and by multiple i mean probably a hundred dabs since i've lost this piece/nail. oh well.[/quote]

    Damn. Hopefully it turns up.
    One time I was pre rolling 10 joints for a road trip. Once we started lighting the first one I noticed there was only 9. I searched forever, didn't find it until a 2 months later. It was in the very bottom of my backpack, but once I found that j I was so happy! :smoke:
  18. Yeah unless you remember where you put it I guess it was those damn bong gnomes.

  19. that might be difficult for him if hes lost his bong and has no other means

  20. there's always a way.

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