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Am I applying wrongfully?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by geetardude, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. I'm going to be moving to Oregon here in a couple months. I understand that they have MMJ, and I want to get a card when the time comes. I have asthma, and have for the past 6ish years.

    From the information I've read, cannabis helps asthma. However, in all my years of smoking, it has never helped my asthma. It has actually caused attacks a few times.

    As far as I'm concerned, getting the card for this won't be much of a problem. When I go, I will have a roomate, and I want to be able to grow my buds legally. I feel that this is real douche-like on my part, though because cannabis has never really been any medicine for my ailment.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Yes, you are applying wrongfully.

    If marijuana does not help your medical condition, you do not need it prescribed.

    You would be lieing to your doctor to get pot.
  3. Not necessarily, some doctors don't care and will give cards for just about any reason.
  4. well i see it as this:
    opption 1: get the card and dont have to worry about local cops busting you for weed. and you will ovbioslly smokeing weed

    opption 2: dont get the card. and you still will be growing or smoking . the only diffrence is that you can get busted. its not like you wont smoke without the card am i right ?

    and even if he is lieing to his doctor . who gets hurt ? no one thats who. and maybe his asthma will actually be lifted from this. but i see no victim its not like if he gets this card a person with glacoma cant get theres. so i see it as alright as long as you dont sell by using this card. long as theres no victim or profit and nothing will be changed with or without the card (except getting caught with local pigs)

    so i say go for it cause no one is hurt
  5. you have to also remember that you are put into a databank that says you are a pot smoker. it also comes up on your insurance records, so if you ever get into some sort of legal battle, a high priced lawyer might be able to use it against you.
  6. i guess you feel like it will be on your conscience if you get a prescription on false pretenses.

    keep in mind that without a prescription you are breaking the law, and that will be on your conscience as well.

    besides MJ is not hurting you, and it might be helping little by little and you don't notice.

    i have asthma too and i know it is opening my lungs.
  7. Thats wrong, too. There are medically, AND socially accepted uses for it and there need be a distinction between the two.
  8. ...i'm pretty sure it doesn't, that breaks doctor patient confidentiality as well as it would cause a lot of wrongfull termination suits.
  9. This really revolves around my conscience solely. My soon-to-be roomie was talking about getting a card, but I'm not sure if he has any ailment to acquire one. We haven't really talked about it much.

    I think if he can get one, I'm just not going to get one, and if something goes down, then all the plants would be in his name. If he can't get one, though, well maybe I can get it for chronic back pain? I really do have bad back pain over the years, but have never done anything about it. I don't feel it has reached any level of seriousness for me, personally.

    Or, I can just play it like I would in any other non MMJ state, and just keep everything stealthy and tell no one like I have been doing. Thanks for the input, blades. :wave:
  10. MM does help Asthma, but the reason it is not helping you might be because you aren't vaping your weed.
  11. ya that sucks smoking with that..

    yes oregon has a great mmj program, just dont abuse it please. its been around since what 1999, and the people i know it it had to have real legit reasons to abtain a card.
    and hey it could be helping a number of things you may have...
    and if your just smoking to relax, just do it at the level where you wont get busted, dont smoke and drive, smoke at home....ect, dont deal with sketch people, and mind your own business, work and pay taxes, well id say oregon doesnt realy care if you smoke. i lived there for 6 years and only got poped cause i was a fool, dont deal with people that are involved in hard drugs, thats where are the eyes in oregon are focused, if u bye weed from someone who deals in meth or heroin, you could be being watched you know.

    so its up to you, because docters do give alot of trust out, its a touchy subject
    i say if you question yourself, its probably not the right thing to do.
    and it might be a diffrent question if you just wanna be a caretaker, im not sure
  12. i hear that +rep
  13. the issue people have with getting a card under false pretenses is that people from the outside looking in will use that against EVERYBODY, including the people who truly need it.

    and as someone said before me, as long as you keep it low key, nothing will happen to you anyways.

    so i say don't get a med card, and grow anyways if thats what your intention is. as long as you're not selling it, and drawing attention to yourself, don't worry about it
  14. I would lie to my doctor to get a card if I could.. you can lie to your doctor to get codeine, and plenty of other things. It wouldn't bother me, and it shouldn't bother anyone else unless you advertise the fact that you lied.
  15. sounds like a sweet deal to be able to smoke weed and grow it legally. who cares just get the card.
  16. Uuh? Maybe you should quit smoking if it doesnt help, and causes attacks like you say.

    It also sounds like you are making a major life change to try and use the grey area of the law to just be a legal junkie? Try applying that effort into something thats a bit more healthy for an asthma patient.

    Marijuana is wonderful, and it sucks for you unfortunately because of your condition.
    But life isnt only about smoking pot my friend. Find a new hobby and live a long healthy life:)

    If I am unable to inspire you, atleast take the time to study the laws a bit closer.
    You will find its not any different anywhere else in the U.S. Marijuana is illegal and illegal to grow in the U.S. Some states and cities have decriminalized and thats it, if you get caught with small ammounts you will be fined, even if you have the card. The card is shit!

    Dont believe? Just browse the web dude. Check-out the Oregon state public records sight.
  17. Marijuana causes me asthma attacks some of the time. It is not guaranteed puff-after-puff. There are just occasions, where it will. It is indeed because of the smoke. I tried doing a light-bulb vape once. I ended up wasting weed, it didnt even get me high.. I had no asthma attack whatsoever, though. Weird. Too bad those damn good vapes cost like 600 fucking dollars.

    As for quitting pot altogether.. it's just not going to happen. I've been smoking before I got asthma, and I'm going to continue, its my god-given right! This is just something I will deal with in the long run.

    I will talk to my guy, and see whats up on his end, but I may just grow for the fuck of it. As for buying from dealers that deal meth and heroine... I have no intention on BUYING marijuana. I like the idea of horticulture, and marijuana inspires me. I simply see no harm, other than legal issues.
  18. I don't know what is up with everyone trying to be other peoples moral code on here. i mean i understand you asked the question but hey some people abuse the MM program and plenty of people don't. if the state wants to argue that because the system gets abused it should be abolished then why are welfare, workers compensation, and insurance still around.
    There are clinics in town that basically take money to sign up cardholders. The medical marijuana program actually makes money for the state and with the exception of the lottery is one of the few to do so. I am a grower and caregiver and could very easily be a patient if I wanted to pay the 200+ bucks to get my patient card (herniated disks in my back). Lets face it, I was going to grow anyway. This is just a way that I can keep the "Local drug enforcement" off my ass. The federales (DEA, Federal Gov't) can still bust you for growing or possession whenever they please cause the federal government has no medical program. just keep it smart whether legal or illegal.

    If you want to help your moral quandary- find a patient that needs a grower. there are not enough growers for the amount of patients. there was just an article in the paper about the guy who was a former sheriff that had 40 patients he was growing for and the feds busted him. that is insane and demonstrates the need patients have for caregivers/growers. as long as you keep it small i don't really think oregon cares. they are more concerned with the meth problem anyway.

    pm me if you have questions.
  19. I really like the idea of being a caregiver to patients. Although, I dont know any patients personally, of course I'm still in illinois.

    I honestly think it would give me a sense of pride knowing that I helped people in this world in some way. I'm wondering, how big of grow ops are caregivers growing? Like 30 plants?? It just makes me wonder how one would keep up with the demand, well more like NEED, of their patients' medicine.

    Would you say that patients use about an Ounce of quality cannabis within a 2 week period? Let's say I only had 10 patients to care for, then I'd probably only need to grow around 8 plants? Just trying to consider product turn-arounds and everything. I'm probably way off on this, anyway.

    Could someone give me an estimate on the average number of patients a caregiver has, and how many plants he/she would grow? This idea is really interesting more and more now that I think about it. Peace, blades. :)
  20. I don't know about anyone else, but I use marijuana medicinally. However, I use it for things it's not approved for... like back pain, insomnia and TMJ. If it works for you for any reason, then I say go for it. It SHOULD be legal, so....

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