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Am I applicable for Medical Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by zm2000, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. *I realize this is long as hell, I'm not asking everyone to read this but If you have knowlage on Medical Marijuana or its potential patients, your imput would be greatly appreciated*

    Hello Grass City,

    I'll start off by stating a few facts about myself. I currently live in CT. I'm 18. I am not what you would call a "pot-user" however I have smoked it quite a number of times. It was always an on and off thing (if I had an out-of-state friend staying I'd smoke with him, if I was at a party, ect.). Maybe once a month, not even. Although, I'm not opposed to marijuana use whatsoever, many of my friends are regular smokers.

    About two years ago I noticed something was happening to my body. It started out as a slight "shake" (When picking up objects my hands would shake, I couldn't hold a piece of paper exactly still, ect). It progressively got worse over time and the minor shake became more frequent. For the past month or so, it has been a constant occurrence, it's almost as if I'm nervious all the time. As you would think, it's quite embarrassing going out with friends, shaking non-stop. This in turn makes me nervious, therefore, the shake to me is only going to get worse and worse.

    Today I saw my doctor about it. He told me it was known as a "tremor" and was not so rare as I had thought. He however, had no medication to give me, nor any advice for that matter. He simply told me it was something I needed to live with. This to me was quite a shock. I can't imagine how bad this will get within the next year, it's upsetting.

    When I was young, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I was always hyper as hell as a little kid, running about, all over the place. When I hit around 15, the diagnosis was proved incorrect. I was just some fella with ADD. At the same age, it also drastically reduced and I noticed the hyperactivity had gone away. However, I couldn't (and still can't) focus as well as the average student. From time to time, I do get hyper, but not nearly enough to diagnose with ADHD or a hyperactive disorder for that matter.

    What I'm asking, is it possible for myself to be prescribed Medical Marijuana?

    I'm not wondering simply because I would like to get high or be able to smoke legally, suprisingly enough I could care less; what I do want is for these shakes to go away. I am almost postive that on these boards are people who are currently prescribed Medical Marijuana and I am looking for there help. Again, I'm not looking to get high or score pot whenever I want, I just want this problem gone. It's creating stress like no other which is unhealthy for my work.
  2. Sorry man they don't prescribe medical marijuana in Connecticut.
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  3. I think I do know something that may help you though, St. John's Wort is a herb that you may want to look into. I've used it for quite a while and it's readily available at any pharmacy without prescription. It's an anti-depressant and it also controls involuntary movements. I'd suggest looking into it more in depth before going out and spending the $15 though.
  4. Thanks for the info however I'm not the least bit depressed. I just seem to have this "tremor". It's not like my body is shaking non-stop, it just in my hands. I can barely roll cigarettes anymore.

    Does anyone know if Marijuana would have any help in this matter? I know whenever I smoked it, I was always calm as hell, I could meditiate quite easily. I havn't smoked in about a year though, looks like I need to do some experimenting.
  5. I believe that in your case, it possibly may help your shakes. I also have very "tremorous" hands, severe enough to render my handwriting illegible, and building a playing card tower is out of the question. With the effects of THC, I notice that my movements, although slower, are nearly shake free. In any case, I think that nothing is wrong with a little experimentation.
  6. Indicas would definitely help your shakes. I would lean away from sativas.
  7. sounds like you have the same effect of smoking mj when i had started i shoke like CRAZY i was like wtf but after my body got use to it then i was able to kind of control it but it still occurs all you gotta do is put up with it. i know its a bitch but thats a price to pay :smoking:
  8. Hey dude, I live in CT too, and they just said no to MM. If it did become legal though it was only for people with cancer and MS, trust me if it was for arthritis and other stuff like that, I'd be able to apply too.
  9. the best state in the nation for med mj is california our law is simply put '...or any illness which cannabis provides relief' - where as other states are strictly for terminal illness such as cancer glaucoma and MS. u can get pot for head aches and back pain in california, the most minor of conditions, only if you can prove a doctor that all other medications fail or have worse side effects...
  10. God Bless California
  11. God bless california

  12. Indeed.

    Only 11 states have enacted medical cannabis laws. The most compassionate of the laws is by far California's.

    I suggest you take a look at the booklet available , "State by State Medical Marijuana Laws" -{FC4E88DF-6ACE-4AA6-851C-0688A929D3C5}/2006_SBS_REPORT.PDF

    I'm from Berkley, currently living on the East Coast, and have found that Cannabis relieves my symptoms of IBD.

    The attitude towards cannabis here is just night and day. Out here, you're a criminal. Period. For example If I get caught with a little bit (an O say), it's up to the cop's discretion to impound my car, inform my employer, and cause some proper torture in my life.

    Amazing how all of this hoopla is about a weed that grows just about anywhere, and has been used by every society since the beginning of mankind.

    King George has a Drug TZAR with a budget the size of a small nation. How can I possibly compete with this juggernaut?

    RIP Dr. Tod Mikuriya - May you vape with Buddha for the rest of time, Doc.

    View Dr. Tod's extensive library:

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