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Am I an asshole for doing this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankyDan, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. #1 DankyDan, Feb 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2011
    Since starting to smoke weed I've learned that my two closest friends are actually pretty huge douche bags. They talk about me behind my back and each other's back every chance they get according to a really old friend. I pretty much only get weed through them and for the past month they've pretty much been ignoring me all they can and when they do respond they tell me everyone is dry or people quit selling. After a month of being sober I figured I'd send a picture of a pretty tasty nug of Master Kush an out of state friend just picked up to one of them and see how they respond. I figured if things are as dry as they're telling me, they'd be really interested in where I got this nug or they wouldn't really make a big deal out of it if they've continued to pick up like I'm thinking they are. He ends up responding with "damn, we should smoke sometime." Pretty typical response, they talk shit behind my back and only care to chill if they can mooch weed off me. I told him "nahh gonna save this one for myself man, it's been awhile." and he just gets really fucking pissed off telling me to enjoy my new hook up while it lasts because they just didn't feel like helping me buy their dealer's high quality shit and putting it to waste because i have a low tolerance. Pretty surprising but it looks like my friend wasn't lying and these guys have been shit talking me and using me for weed. I responded telling him hes a douche bag and I got the picture from a friend.

    Was it wrong for me to do this? I've pretty much always suspected they felt this way about me but didn't really care because they helped me get weed, they probably felt the same way for me. Tolerate someone you don't like to get smoked out. I kind of felt bad for trying to trick him at first but it really only helped me in the end and I'd say I had pretty good reason to test him.

    All in all, I think I just saved myself from dealing with two assholes and while learning about how they talk behind my back I found a new dealer from my old friend I mentioned before. Not to mention, these guys are seriously so low to grow to hate someone you used to consider your best friend over something as stupid as having a low tolerance? Maybe that's not the full reason, but still, who the fuck could be so low?

    EDIT: He just responded with "HAHHA you fucking retard, you're telling me you dont even have a new hook up? good job you just lost your only one faggot"

    :| People change, and in very little time it seems.
  2. TLDR...asshole.
  3. cool name bro
  4. No, karma will catch up with them. Fucking potheads... they're phony stoners.
  5. They talk about your back? LOL

    Anyways man, you aren't the asshole.. They are.
  6. I send good vibes, life has its ups and downs and be prepared to ride the ups man :smoke:

  7. Er, sorry. Hopefully you could translate. They just talk shit behind people's back all the time. Purely for the sake of talking shit it seems too.

  8. It's merely an alias. My name isn't Dan, I just wasn't comfortable with using one of my usual usernames when I first signed up here. :(
  9. Your two "friends" sound like assholes. you should find some new friends to smoke with, but that is also much easier said than done.
  10. i had a friend that stole an oz from me. He is no longer a friend of mine
  11. stand at a 7eleven wearing a purple tie-dye shirt and sunglasses around 3:15p
  12. You need a better class of friends man
  13. I cant believe you are even questioning this. They clearly are using you.

    I had a 'friend' who was holding a brand new bag for me because I was being followed by cops that night. I talk to him the next day and he says he spent the night in his friend car in the driveway. Somehow the other kid sneaks in, and steals the weed.

    Later I hear he was telling everyone I gave it to him
  14. They sound like typical stoner douche bags. Forget those guys and get some real friends. Trust me, the people you smoke with should be your best friends, people that want to hang because they like you, not your weed.

  15. this.


    It wasn't right on your part, but it was more un-right on their part. Your chillen. Fuck them

  16. Oh fuck thats horrible and I really liked the name too :(
  17. Find New friends.:)
  18. I'd be chill about it, one day they might not be cokeheads about it and hit you up to smoke you down. Just don't do it at your house in case they want to rob you
  19. Fuck 'em.

  20. first of all, your not an asshole

    second...if you have low tolerance, then you dont waste weed, its the opposite

    third, hes the faggot

    fourth, hes an asshole

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